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Comment Re:Lawsuit sort of made sense... (Score 2) 75

Because every square inch of land has to have "ownership", and can't just belong nebulously to a community that shares historical and familial bonds? Not everything is for sale, just because you have money. The thing everyone agrees on is this-

* He doesn't own the land.
* He wants to buy the land.
* Many of the current owners do not want to have to fight in court to prove it is their land.
* Many of the current owners do not want to sell their heritage for some minor payday

Comment Re:Bugs (Score 3, Insightful) 168

Do police regularly request cellular phone companies to provide recordings of ambient audio recorded by cellphones? In this example, the police DO treat an Echo differently from a cell phone, and the DO expect it to have stored audio that might aid their investigation, because unlike a cell phone, the echo records everything when active.

Law enforcement treats the objects differently, so seems perfectly rational for consumers to notice the difference.

Comment Re:'Muricans are too stupid to do this. (Score -1) 160

Using science it'd be easy enough to figure out a method to tap the volcano and bring it under control for man's usage in much the same way.

But, if the science is wrong or even slightly miscalculated, on this completely unproven and untested idea of yours, nearly everyone on the entire planet will die. Forgive me if I'm a little hesitant to try this experimental procedure in exchange for a slightly cheaper energy source.

Comment Re:Public information? (Score 1) 104

When you stand up on a soapbox on the street corner and start shouting, yes, that's your free speech right. But a cop can stand there and listen to what you say, even record it if they want. It's a public place.

Imagine if everytime a particular person spoke in public, they had a court stenographer following them and recording everything they say. Would that have a chilling effect on free speech? Twitter has a vested business interested in having people use it's services more. Government based monitoring is going to suppress usage of it's services. Seems like a pretty straightforward business case that they don't want these guys spying on their users.

Comment Everybody needs shoes (Score 4, Insightful) 562

Michael Jordan once said, "Republicans buy shoes too." He has political views, but didn't want his brand associated with only 50% of shoppers. Some companies want to be part of culture wars. Chick-fil-a doesnt believe in equal rights for gays, Target makes a big deal about letting transgender people pee. That's part of their image and identity that they want their brand to be. Shoppers can make their own choices.

FB seems to be going a third way, and supporting both candidates, which in turn pisses off both sides. So the angry people can then... post rants on Facebook which generates hits and more traffic from political discussions, and more ad revenue. Ah, clever...

Comment Re:Well this is exciting (Score 1) 104

Maybe you're the one missing what happened here. Bank employees took existing customer accounts, and then "cross sold" them additional products. Like another checking account, or 7 different savings account because 8 is great. Money would get transferred into those accounts to open them. Those customers then have to pay fees on those accounts. That isn't a fake person, its a fake account, attached to a real person, who's paying real money for it. Yes, there were also accounts created attached to fake customers, but the bank employees can't simply open 100 different $0 accounts every day all day. The accounts have to have real money to be opened. Where the fuck do you think that money is coming from, the employees own pockets?

It was ALL stolen from existing customers.

Comment Re:Well this is exciting (Score 3, Informative) 104

Do you seriously believe that? ...The bank implemented a fairly complex system of both punishments and rewards to motivate employees into taking these actions, which primarily devolved into millions of employees stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from their customers.

And you think the bank just benevolently passed on ALL of the profits from this scheme to tellers, without any benefit to the corporation? The entire point of paying a sales commission or bonus is to give the employee a small cut of the profit and keep the main profit for the parent entity.

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