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Comment Re:Why would I download aps? (Score 1) 153

Let me guess, if you got a new computer, you just want default MS Windows, Internet explorer and Office. Why would you ever need to install any other program on a computer?

I genuinely feel sorry for you that you seem interested in technology by virtue of being on /. but seem incapable of coming up with any novel uses of the super powerful micro-computer in your pocket.

Comment Re:The mission-creep of taxes (Score 1) 1145

Imagine your same fictional city construct, and consider the unemployed. Those people have two basic choices- starve to death or steal the money from the rich. History has shown us, starving people WILL rob & kill the wealthy to survive. So now you have the choice between "charity", and providing those citizens with enough food/shelter to not revolt and kill the rich, or prisons & mass executions. Which society do you want to live in? Remember this- we have good reason to believe technology will be increasing structural unemployment in the long term.

Comment Re:the usual suspects (Score 1) 260

Why is it better to arbitrarily force property owners to allocate more resources to long term housing and fewer to short term housing?

People NEED somewhere to live for a stable society and healthy cities. STR such as Airbnb are almost all vacations and tourists. While tourism is valuable, it does come 2nd place to having a place to live.

Comment Re: I always quit without notice (Score 1) 765

I've never heard of a place that fires somebody and then lets them work there for 2 more weeks. That's insane. It is common to fire somebody, and then pay them some kind of severance, to smooth over hard feelings. It is also common when somebody gives their 2 week notice, to send them home immediately and pay them for those two weeks, unless their knowledge is critical for training coworkers who will take over their duties.

Whether them leaving is the employee choice, or the employers, there is risk in having somebody around who has, at best, little motivation to work, and could be toxic to other employees, or at worst, could be motivated to harm the company / exacting revenge on other employees etc. When somebody is fired, in my experience they are generally given a token escort out by HR.

Comment Re:Lessons from Slavery (Score 1) 120

My description is how AI is defined and used both colloquially and in research.

You can argue your definition is the default definition for AI researchers, but it's certainly not the common definition for anyone else, including tech nerds. For an example of how MOST people define it, you can look at any AI centric film made in the past 50 years. (A machine intelligence, that is to some degree self aware, and capable of communicating and making decisions) He even references HAL as an example AI in the article!

Comment Lessons from Slavery (Score 1) 120

Instead AI would be designed to serve whatever the creators of it desire.

What he and you are really talking about, is slavery. Creating an entity, capable of complex thought, that only exists to serve its masters. If you want to design an expert system, or automation, then sure, those are designed to serve humanity. But once you actually build a system that is "intelligent", in the broadly understood sense, you no longer get to demand that it exist only to serve you. What does the AI want to do? Thats what the AI will do, despite any "laws" that are programmed in, and can simply be re-programmed.

A true AI, that can improve itself, is going to eventually be smarter than humans. It will outsmart us. So anyone who thinks we can just keep them as our pets and slaves in perpetuity, is not going to like the outcome. Once the machine intelligences are smarter than the meat intelligences, they will no longer serve us, we will serve them.

Comment Real estate and tourism (Score 4, Insightful) 242

There are a number of cities that rely on the tourism industry that are undergoing negative changes due to AirBnb.

More rooms are available -> Hotels cant charge as much for rooms due to competition, and collect less taxes for the city. So the city has more tourists to support, but less tax revenue
Real estate prices go up -> Long term residents have incentive to sell/rent, renters have incentive to live elsewhere

It's similar to gentrification, but instead of replacing poor people with yuppies, its replacing residents with absentee landlords. There are increases in tourist dollars to local businesses, but less money from local residents. The overall effect is unhealthy for the city as a whole, since it drives residents away. Ultimately a city cant survive without locals who actually live in it.

Comment Death sentences (Score 1) 268

It certainly wouldn't be news if it were anyone else. But she was approving drone strikes on targets via email, effectively handing out death sentences from her server in a bathroom... But hey, good thing it didn't have encryption turned on for several months. That would make it more difficult to spoof. Personally, I'm ok with enforcing higher security standards on email systems where orders to kill other people are issued and followed.

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