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Comment Everybody needs shoes (Score 4, Insightful) 562

Michael Jordan once said, "Republicans buy shoes too." He has political views, but didn't want his brand associated with only 50% of shoppers. Some companies want to be part of culture wars. Chick-fil-a doesnt believe in equal rights for gays, Target makes a big deal about letting transgender people pee. That's part of their image and identity that they want their brand to be. Shoppers can make their own choices.

FB seems to be going a third way, and supporting both candidates, which in turn pisses off both sides. So the angry people can then... post rants on Facebook which generates hits and more traffic from political discussions, and more ad revenue. Ah, clever...

Comment Re:Well this is exciting (Score 1) 104

Maybe you're the one missing what happened here. Bank employees took existing customer accounts, and then "cross sold" them additional products. Like another checking account, or 7 different savings account because 8 is great. Money would get transferred into those accounts to open them. Those customers then have to pay fees on those accounts. That isn't a fake person, its a fake account, attached to a real person, who's paying real money for it. Yes, there were also accounts created attached to fake customers, but the bank employees can't simply open 100 different $0 accounts every day all day. The accounts have to have real money to be opened. Where the fuck do you think that money is coming from, the employees own pockets?

It was ALL stolen from existing customers.

Comment Re:Well this is exciting (Score 3, Informative) 104

Do you seriously believe that? ...The bank implemented a fairly complex system of both punishments and rewards to motivate employees into taking these actions, which primarily devolved into millions of employees stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from their customers.

And you think the bank just benevolently passed on ALL of the profits from this scheme to tellers, without any benefit to the corporation? The entire point of paying a sales commission or bonus is to give the employee a small cut of the profit and keep the main profit for the parent entity.

Comment Re:Why would I download aps? (Score 1) 153

Let me guess, if you got a new computer, you just want default MS Windows, Internet explorer and Office. Why would you ever need to install any other program on a computer?

I genuinely feel sorry for you that you seem interested in technology by virtue of being on /. but seem incapable of coming up with any novel uses of the super powerful micro-computer in your pocket.

Comment Re:The mission-creep of taxes (Score 1) 1145

Imagine your same fictional city construct, and consider the unemployed. Those people have two basic choices- starve to death or steal the money from the rich. History has shown us, starving people WILL rob & kill the wealthy to survive. So now you have the choice between "charity", and providing those citizens with enough food/shelter to not revolt and kill the rich, or prisons & mass executions. Which society do you want to live in? Remember this- we have good reason to believe technology will be increasing structural unemployment in the long term.

Comment Re:the usual suspects (Score 1) 260

Why is it better to arbitrarily force property owners to allocate more resources to long term housing and fewer to short term housing?

People NEED somewhere to live for a stable society and healthy cities. STR such as Airbnb are almost all vacations and tourists. While tourism is valuable, it does come 2nd place to having a place to live.

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