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Comment Re:Very Interesting (Score 1) 97

Exactly, but back in the day, people with severe food allergies simply died much of the time because no one knew what was going on -or they thought that person was diseased/ possessed and refused to help them. Therefor, there were less people in the population with allergies because there were less to pass on the defective genes that cause them.

Comment Re:Interesting, but... (Score 1) 803

Reread my comment more carefully. The quality of the livestream was not the most important thought in my head. It's the disturbing lack of organization and direction of so many protesters. However, seeing livestreams from a few cities other than NYC, I see that many of the groups are better organized.

I know some people want to make the argument "Gather first, organize later". Well, guess what, there's already plenty enough people to sustain an organized movement AND if more order is demonstrated then more people will join. I think it's time for a 10k or larger march on Capital Hill. Everyone interested needs to take the responsibility to help organize bus trips from their location to gather as many participants as possible.

Comment Re:With an average high of about 70 degrees... (Score 1) 97

I have a similar story with humidity. Growing up in New Orleans, the first few times I went to vacation in Nevada, nearly every orifice in my body bled. Likewise, my friends from there would constantly feel 'sticky' when visiting New Orleans. After several trips back and forth though, we all got use to it.

Comment Re:Interesting, but... (Score 1) 803

See, that's a MUCH better livestream than I've seen previously. The video quality is low, but that's forgiven for the media. Your friends control the camera well, knowing it's limitations.

Maybe I just had bad timing, listening to only the few hours of bad streaming from Wall Street. Here's my biggest two complaints about those; poor volume control, and irritating speech. Usually this is caused by someone yelling into their camera with an annoying pitch (at least it's annoying on camera), and drowning out all other sounds. Another minor complaint is not understanding frame rate issues. You have to move cameras very slowly (preferably leave them still most of the time) or it's unrecognizable blurs. This Portland crew addresses these issues pretty well. Good job, I'll listen to them more often.

I see they also have good organization and don't chant the same things over and over.

Comment Re:I though they were already a reality... (Score 1) 378

Congratulations, you're the first person to counter-argue me without simply saying "electric cars suck". You took the time to find numbers, but you also misinterpreted mine.

I was comparing a cheaper electric car of $10k ($4k for the car and $6k for the batteries). These vehicles actually exist and are conversions of small used cars like Miatas, Beetles, Festivas, etc. Their range really is 50 mi as long as you don't go over 45 MPH much. The electric cars made by the big automotive companies are absurdly priced. This might be because of their 'newness', but I suspect it's intentional to turn people away from the idea because these cars cost MUCH less to maintain than internal combustion engines.

As far as the cost of electricity, you're absolutely correct. Fossil fuel burning states have it cheaper, but even the states with higher rates won't ruin my conclusion. I also really hope we have a shift towards better sources like tidal generators and nuclear power. That's right, nuclear. It's cheapest, and would be safest if people built the reactors in safer ways. The spent nuclear fuel can be sent into space if we cared enough about that issue.

If you want proof of the cheaper electric vehicles, here's one I'm in the process of buying and converting to LiFePO4 batteries: http://www.e-volks.com/74_super_beetle_sunroof.html With the $500 upgrade option, it will meet my commuting needs just fine. There's no air conditioner, but I can change that later if I feel the need.

Comment Re:With an average high of about 70 degrees... (Score 1) 97

Yeah, if their summers are that mild, it doesn't seem necessary. But then again, as a proof of concept, it has to happen somewhere the winters get very cold but the summers could stand to loose a little bit of heat. If they're too cold during the summer, they can break up the ice.

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