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Comment Re:No, but thanks for playing (Score 1) 381

Sorry, the excerpted portions were not displaying in my browser, so it was not clear to me that you had reviewed the specification at all.

It seems clear to me from the claims and the specification that the patent, if issued as written, would cover the use of the method to disable phones that have been jailbroken. "Jailbraking" has a particular meaning ( which indicates that it is the rightful owner of the phone that has modified the phone in a manner not intended by Apple to allow the device to run unauthorized software.

I agree that the primary motivation described in the specification is to stop theft, but to stop jailbreaking seems like a pretty important motivation as well.

Comment Re:No, but thanks for playing (Score 1, Troll) 381

You are wrong. The patent specification expressly contemplates remote locking of phones that are jailbroken. From the patent specification: To detect an unauthorized user, process 610 of FIG. 6 b can determine whether particular activities are identified at step 612 . As described above, the particular activities can include any activities indicating suspicious behavior such as, for example, entering an incorrect password a predetermined number of times in a row, entering an incorrect password a predetermined number of times within a period of time, hacking the electronic device, ___jailbreaking___ the electronic device, unlocking of the electronic device, removing a SIM card from the electronic device, moving the electronic device a predetermined distance from a synced device, or any combination of the above. If a particular activity is identified, the current user can be detected as an unauthorized user at step 614 . If, however, a particular activity is not identified, process 610 can end at step 616 .

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