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Comment Re:What kind? (Score 1) 115

I have been getting bit by the Steam DRM problem too now that I have a family. Over the years I've gathered over 200 games in Steam without thinking about it, but now if somebody else in my family is playing on Steam, I can't play any of the other games at the same time. Fortunately they added the family share option, so I made separate accounts for everybody and from now on try to spread the games more so can at least play something. The problem is still that the big bulk of the games are on my account, but I suppose it gets better over time as I buy more games and perhaps duplicates too to the other accounts.

Comment Re:Kids building guns. (Score 1) 582

Perhaps you're right and the fear is unfounded, but it's only a matter of time until all the parts are printable. After all the mechanism doesn't have to be as complex as in commercial or military guns. Simple revolver or even a single shot gun could be bad enough. Issue about the ammunition is still valid, but lets see. I remember when I was kid I found the Terrorists Handbook from some BBS and printed it out with dads matrix printer. That gave me lot of respect at school and several times I was mulling about making nitroglycerin. I did make some experiments with napalm.

Comment Re:Nice !! they are just 4 year behind in features (Score 1) 183

I've never owned a console (hmm, actually dad had some old thing once that had variations of Pong), and I haven't seen the need to downgrade to a one since I have a perfectly good PC to play games on, but now that I have small kids I've been thinking on Wii, since it actually brings something different to the table from PC games and should have plenty of suitable games for kids too. Only problem for me has been the SD graphics. I don't think I'm big snob about the graphics, but since the only screen I have is 130" projector screen I just wish it could do at least 720p. So I think I'll wait for this new console and see if it'll convince me to try it.

Comment would prefer my phone (Score 1) 210

I have actually been looking for some kind of bluetooth-IR bridge to control my home theater with my phone. After all that's always in my pocket and all them remotes could be where-ever the kids have left them. Noticed some solution for iPhone a while back, but of course that's as closed as every iThing. Might just have to build one myself one of these days.

Comment Just wish the quality was better.. (Score 1) 446

I have found some of my favorite series as a kid on dvd lately, but still there's plenty of stuff I'd love to show my kids. Problem is that I don't have a tv anymore, only a projector with 135" screen, and even the dvds from the 70's-80's shows look rather horrible. Granted many Internet streams have the same problem. In the end it's often better to just let them watch the videos on the laptop or tablet.

Comment laws and justice (Score 1) 536

This absolutely pisses me off. Laws are supposed to reflect the people's sense of justice and this absolutely does not. Music is supposed to be culture not business. I just don't see the rationale of them being able to milk the same old songs for 70 years, when the average lifespan of a modern day pop song is like 2 months. I've gone to quite a bit of trouble to acquire my music/books/videos legally, even with idiotic geographical restrictions and other hoops they make you jump, but this camels back is about to break, and I will just stop caring!

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