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Comment Re:That's great news! (Score 3, Insightful) 517

So since I'm a white male, I should be passed over for someone who is black/female based on their skin color or sex regardless of the fact that they came from a more well to do family right? I was never poor to the point where I had to eat food out of a garbage can, but no one in my family went to college without scholarships and loans because my family wouldn't be able to just outright pay for it. But a woman coming from a family with two vacation houses clearly had to work harder and struggle more to reach where they are. I'm tired of how so many people like you think that people should inherit the "sins" of history that are things they in no way control.


Paris Bans Half of All Cars On the Road 405

cartechboy writes "Pollution is becoming a very large issue in major cities due to the amount of vehicles on the road. To try and help this issue Paris just banned all vehicles on alternate odd and even license plates today and tomorrow. Of course, electric cars and hybrids are exempt from the new restrictions as they aren't part of the problem, rather they are seen as part of the solution. Naturally taxis, buses, emergency vehicles, and cars carrying three or more passengers (hooray for carpooling) are also exempt. High levels of particulate matter are blamed for all the various respiratory diseases, while higher oxides of nitrogen are a primary cause of smog. We'd have to say that this ban probably won't be the last one as traffic levels increase over time."

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