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Comment Re:It's called a "web browser" (Score 1) 156

YouTube at least works well enough on Kodi using the Chrome Launcher add-in to run Chrome in kiosk mode. The interface seems to work logically enough with my Harmony remote. It isn't perfect, but close enough it doesn't bother me. Maybe it's just close enough to my configuration with my Kodi skin (forget which one, I'm at work right now) that while it might be a touch off, it's not enough to bother me. The two issues I have are that occasionally Chrome just decides that it wants to somehow lose part of its cache or my cookies, so while it'll say I'm signed into my YouTube account, all of a sudden it'll show my subscriptions but not playlists. That's only happened once or twice in the past year, year and a half I've had it set up (I think that's the right timeframe) and I fixed it by just manually launching chrome, clearing cache, and re-signing in. The other little nuisance is that when I hit exit to close out of it, instead of bringing it back to home (which is where I have the shortcut set) it drops me into the add-ins menu and I have to manually return to home.

Comment Re:I did (Score 1) 317

It started out as the gender wage gap, but what it means is constantly changing depending on who is having what conversation since it's bullshit. The original claim is that women make 74-77 cents on the dollar for for every job compared to men. Unfortunately, that number is all men averaged against all women. When this is pointed out, there's handwaiving and accusations of misogyny. That is what the gender pay gap is. Any other definition is a deflection. It also ignores childless women outearning men in the same age bracket. They also ignore cases where women are paid 25 times more (not 25 percent more, 25 times more) than men in the same line of work.

Comment Re:That's great news! (Score 3, Insightful) 517

So since I'm a white male, I should be passed over for someone who is black/female based on their skin color or sex regardless of the fact that they came from a more well to do family right? I was never poor to the point where I had to eat food out of a garbage can, but no one in my family went to college without scholarships and loans because my family wouldn't be able to just outright pay for it. But a woman coming from a family with two vacation houses clearly had to work harder and struggle more to reach where they are. I'm tired of how so many people like you think that people should inherit the "sins" of history that are things they in no way control.

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