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Comment Contact Taiwan's MITI and use their PenPoint? (Score 1) 97

It would be really nice if someone would do something meaningful w/ all the code for PenPoint --- it was one of my favourite operating systems, and amazingly capable for its time, and interface-wise, is still nicer than pretty much anything other than the Newton OS, or NeXTstep (or maybe HP's NewWave).

For those who don't remember it:

Comment Re:Where's the turtle? (Score 1) 168

One thing I've been surprised at is that there isn't a continuation of Logo into CNC --- the closest thing to it I've found is to use a tool such as Asymptote, MetaPost or NodeBox to create a .pdf, then pull that .pdf into some tool suited to CAM --- it would be nice if there were some more direct option / connection.

For that matter, I'd be glad of a programming tool which would directly translate part geometry into tool motion (w/ suitable offsets) --- I hate having a cylinder in OpenSCAD rendered as a triangular mesh and having to process a .stl in a CAM tool --- wish ImplicitCAD were being supported and was easier to install.

Comment Logo (was Re:I would teach with graphics first) (Score 2) 270

Logo, and a moving turtle for the win.

Tools such as Arduinos and gShields and inexpensive stepper motors (to say nothing of Grbl which is one of the most amazing programs I've ever seen in terms of memory efficiency and compactness) make this far more affordable than it was.

Still kind of surprised no one has done a Logo to G-Code translator.

Comment LyX --- WYSIWYM document processor (Score 1) 227

Basically it's a front-end to LaTeX. You can export various formats from it, and PanDoc allows one to get to pretty much anything.

I use it on a small tablet PC and it allows handwriting input.

If I need a math equation I write it out in Infty Editor: and paste in the LaTeX code.

If I need a diagram, I draw it up in Corel Grafigo, InkScape, Macromedia Freehand, or Dia and include it as a .pdf

Comment IBM's Metacard redux (Score 3, Interesting) 224

People keep doing this sort of thing. IBM had Metacard, there was Oqo, and wasn't there a Palm device which was viewed as mostly a media storage device?

Why not go ahead and add a touch screen (and a stylus) so that one can use it w/o needing to cable up?

I use a Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10 as my main system in pretty much this way, connecting when I don't wish to use the touch screen / stylus to a full-size keyboard and monitor (fortunately, Toshiba provided an adapter for the single USB port which affords two connections, one for charging, one for devices).

The functionality I'd really like to see is this sort of thing done as an iPhone / iPod Touch sized unit ---- Apple could take their laptop, make the trackpad a removable unit which was exactly the size of an iPhone/iPod Touch, and one could replace the trackpad w/ the portable device which would then function as a customizable trackpad and which would load the user directory and backup the portable device.

Comment As a pen computer user from way back, I'm sad (Score 1) 71

The iPad Pro disappoints me for not having access to arbitrary / legacy / opensource apps (I need to be able to run things which aren't on Apple's App store: Macromedia FreeHand, FontForge, various CNC apps).

The Microsoft Surface 4 and Book don't suit my needs 'cause the hover distance w/ N-Trig is low, and it has jitter problems w/ slow strokes (which don't affect most people or typical usage).

Both of them disappoint me for not having a truly daylight viewable display --- I really want a vendor to build daylight view booths into their stores and then show off a unit which has a transflective display --- I despair of ever replacing my Fujitsu Stylistic ST4121.

But I seem to be the only person who cares --- most recent article I can find on daylight viewable comparisons is from years ago:

Comment Macromedia FreeHand MX (Score 1) 889

It's ``just'' Altsys Virtuoso for NeXTstep w/ some updates (Virtuoso 2 was ~= to FreeHand 4, plus some bugs).

The thing is, what I'd really like to have is Altsys Virtuoso (which was announced for Windows NT), but on NeXT/OPENstep. Using Windows at a new task at work, and every day, I miss Mac OS X, or at least the things which OPENSTEP afforded to Mac OS X:

  - pop-up main menu
  - tear-off / repositionable sub-menus
  - Services
  - Shelf (Sidebar on Mac OS X)
  - Miller column filebrowser
  - Display PostScript (Quartz née Display PDF on Mac OS X)

Could we just finish up GNUstep?

Comment Re:Beans not brains (Score 1) 200

They're the only people making an operating system which:

  - runs on a wide variety of hardware and form factors
  - has a good handwriting recognition system
  - allows one to run arbitrary apps

FWIW, I'm still fuming over being forced to quit using my just about perfect Fujitsu Stylistic ST4121 w/ its irreplaceable daylight viewable display, 'cause Microsoft needed to kick people off Windows XP and the web is now using so much JavaScript a 933MHz Pentium III w/ 768 MB RAM (and a 4GB SSD) can't browse it.

Best option I could find was a Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10 (tried an Asus Vivotab Note 8, but the screen was too small and the digitizer gave out, otherwise, it worked well), but:

  - it runs Windows 8, which I mislike (and Windows 10 is looking to be worse on the tablet front)
  - doesn't have a daylight viewable display

I suppose I should buy yet another docking station for my Stylistic (my wife and son killed the previous two somehow) and then try Linux on it again.

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