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Comment Re:That seems low... (Score 1) 271

There are lots of folks in the Salary worker under 50k boat. Mostly in Office management and restaurants.
My wife wa sone of them until recently.

Getting paid $35k a year and expected to work 60+ hours a week. Sometimes more making their effective hourly wake less than minimum because of all the unpaid overtime.

Comment Re:Document2 (Score 4, Insightful) 265

Network segmentation, internal firewalls, client firewalls and admin isolation are the keys to preventing this.

Local Server and client firewalls prevent access to system shares from unauthorized sources.

Firewalls segmenting the network help isolate an outbreak.

Admin isolation: No logging onto your desktop as admin ever! management tasks are done by remote access to workstations isolated in their own hardened network segment and built for admin tasks.

Overkill? depends on your point of view. I know of places doing it this way.

Admins will fight not having their tool set local on their machines but after you get used to it it's better.

Comment Re:Work/Life balance means Life *is* work (Score 2) 242

Fixing the H1B visa issue is as simple as finally updating the 1998 law that set the minimum H1B salary at $60,000. Adjusted to the 2015 dollar they should be paid $90,000. That right there would return the H1B to the intended highly skilled professional rather than the current cheep 60k replacement worker.

Comment The problem with H1B goes back to 1998 (Score 4, Informative) 331

When the H1B bill was passed in 1998 it set a reasonable for the time exemption pay of $60,000 pr year. Paying a H1B employee more than $60k let the employer bypass the no displaced worker requirement. At the time you could almost fall out of a tree and get an IT job. Workers were hard to find and H1B filled a need.

Now here we are 17 years later and the $60k threshold has never been adjusted for inflation. What was once a tool to protect US workers is now a low wage target off shore outsourcing company's use to bid low ball IT contracts that displace US workers.

Adjusted for inflation the limit should be closer to $90,000 in 2015 dollars. Congress needs to bring the H1B minimum pay back into balance with today's job market.

Comment Re:An honest question (Score 1) 72

I took a tour of the hanford Ligo site a few years ago..

The staff there said at one point they were trying to figure out a vibration they were detecting on a regular basis..

They finally figured out they were picking up when the spillways were open on McNary dam 60 miles away.

They also pick up trains in the Columbia river gorge and traffic on highway 240 near by.

Comment Re:Standard DC voltage? (Score 1) 466

Just wanted to get one thing straight.. 240v is single phase.. 120 comes from center tapping a single phase 240v transformer.. (your neutral line in the house is the center tap) AKA Split Phase..

In 3 phase the wave form of each 60hz phase is shifted 120 degrees so each peaks at a different time.

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