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Comment Re:Java lost me years ago (Score 1) 405

Python certainly is NOT typeless. Python is a strongly typed language: every object is of a certain type, even functions and types (or classes) itself are instances of a type. The operations on the objects are well defined in terms of their type. What you're probably confusing it with is that Java does static typing (a name always represents a value of a certain fixed type) and Python does dynamic typing (names can denote values of varying types)

Comment Re:Contribution stats... (Score 1) 238

What makes you think the Win users actually paid for their OS? If they spend $8 on average on a deal like this, I'm inclined to think many of them don't pay the price of a legal Windows install either... (then again, the other 2 amounts aren't particulary high too. It could be that many people just look at the deal and see 1 game they like, and base the amount of money on that? Even though you get a lot more. Personally, I decided to pay $50 for this deal.)

Comment Not impressed (Score 1, Troll) 137

I'm not impressed. Epic had Unreal Engine 3 running on the iPhone back in december last year: Granted, it's a modified version and I don't think there's a working game available yet that uses it, but the engine is several generations newer than the Quake 3 one... Still, nice job. It's weird to see 'big' games appearing on tiny devices. Didn't think the mobile technology would be this advanced so soon, tbh.

Comment Re:Function Point Analysis and Man Hours (Score 1) 483

Interesting, this is the first time I see someone else use the 'pi' factor in time estimates. I once did a project that had a huge amount of overhead due to the usual (bad requirements analisys, big management overhead, inefficient testing etc etc) that really made a factor of more than three times the original estimate a realistic estimate.

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