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Comment They can just do it the same way they do now ... (Score 2) 58

"Users rarely visit their privacy settings, so Facebook will need to devise a way to get them to do so."

Easy! They can do it the same way they do now - tell one person so they update their status with "Do this or Facebook will delete your account! Re-post!!" and it'll spread like wildfire ...

I mean, those are always legit communications from Facebook staff, right?


Submission + - Irresponsible IT Disposal Methods ( 1

Orome1 writes: Although data security is the primary concern when decommissioning IT equipment, only 61 per cent of companies currently data wipe all of their redundant computers. Only 43 per cent of senior IT decision makers said they were able to account for all their decommissioned PCs. An estimated 75 per cent of e-waste generated in the EU, equivalent to eight million tonnes a year, is unaccounted for — either sent to landfill, substandard treatment facilities or illegally exported.

Submission + - Follow up to the October 28th Cold Fusion Test ( 1

Sedated2000 writes: "Slashdot previously ran a story on the cold fusion reactor by Andrea Rossi. Skeptics and optimistics debated over the merits of the test, and who the mysterious US "customer" who ordered the test was. This test has now been completed and some of the results were posted. According to Wired, the reactor produced an average of 470 kilowatts for more than five hours. This fails to meet the one megawatt goal set by Rossi. A mysterious glitch is cited as the culprit."

Submission + - Apple begins work on OS X 10.8 (

An anonymous reader writes: Since launching last July, sales of OS X 10.7 Lion have been through the roof. During Apple’s iPhone 4S event in early October, CEO Tim Cook explained that Lion was already running on 10% of the Mac customer base after only two weeks. In contract, Cook said, it took Windows 7 twenty weeks to reach a 10% penetration rate.

And though OS X 10.7 is still very fresh, Apple appears to have already begun internal testing/use on OS X 10.8.


Submission + - How Facebook Bots Succeed ( 1

jfruhlinger writes: "How easy is it to get an ordinary Facebook user to add a bot to his or her Facebook friends list? Pretty easy, it turns out: use a photo of an attractive person, auto-fill the "about" profile with likely values, and you'll find success. Researchers at the University of British Columbia used this formula and got 3,000 friend confirmations out of 8,500 requests. (You can read the gory details here.)"

Submission + - 1 MW E-Cat Cold Fusion Test Completed ( 4

sanosuke001 writes: "Andrea Rossi's E-Cat 1MW Cold Fusion test completed in Italy with 30+ attendees including Professors from the University of Bologna, the Associated Press, NyTeknik,, and additional physicists. The test failed to reach the 1 MW load goal, however, reached 479 kWh in looped mode. Some skepticism is still warranted as the prospective customer, although satisfied with the test, remains anonymous. According to an article at Wired (, there has been some speculation that the covert customer could be DARPA. Also, the generator used to initialize the E-Cat device was apparently connected for the entirety of the test but assured that its output was turned off. I, for one, have a little hope in this being real but take it with a very large grain of salt."

Submission + - China builds 1-petaflop homegrown supercomputer (

MrSeb writes: "Drawing yet another battle line between the incumbent oligarchs of the West and the developing hordes of the East, China has unveiled a new supercomputer that uses entirely-homegrown processors — 8,704 of them, to be exact. The computer is called Sunway BlueLight MPP and it has a peak performance of just over 1 petaflop — or around the 15th fastest supercomputer in the world. Sunway uses the ShenWei SW-3 1600, a 16-core, 64-bit MIPS-compatible (RISC) CPU. The process used to make the chips is not known, but it is likely 65 or 45nm, a few generations behind Intel’s latest and greatest. Each of the 139,264 cores runs at 1.1GHz, the entire system has 150TB of memory and 2PB of storage, and of course it’s water-cooled. The ShenWei chips are based on the Loongson/Godson architecture, which China — as in, the country itself — probably reverse engineered from a DEC Alpha CPU in 2001 and has been developing ever since. Sunway is significant for two reasons: a) It's very low-power; it consumes just one megawatt, about half of its contemporaries and one seventh of the US's Jaguar — and b) This is China's first significant supercomputer to be built without Intel or AMD processors."

Submission + - Is Microsoft Planning To Buy RIM? (

jfruhlinger writes: "By getting Windows Phone 7 on Nokia handsets, Microsoft seems to have firmly set its strategy for the mobile world. Or has it? Today we learned that that Bing will be the default search engine for BlackBerry OS, and Steve Ballmer says that MS will "invest uniquely into the BlackBerry platform." It might just be possible that Microsoft is planning to buy RIM altogether, which may be RIM's only hope to avoid collapse."

Submission + - US legislature demands answers after PSN attack (

rev_media writes: "The US Congress, the United States' legislature for the federal government, has issued a letter to Sony requesting answers for a number of unanswered questions concerning last week's "outside intrusion" of the PlayStation Network.

The two-page letter is signed by Mary Bono Mack, Republican of California, who requests a reply by May 6 (Friday). Replies are requested for 13 questions."

Comment Yay! 40 MHz N channels! (Score 1) 358

While cell phones not working in my house would be a little irritating, I would be very happy to have radio blocking on the outside walls - sure I couldn't use my wireless in the garden, but neighbors and passers-by wouldn't be able to use it either ... AND, most important of all, it would block out my neighbor's networks which would allow my AP to actually use 40 MHz channels and give me closer to the advertised speeds!

Submission + - Assange now accused of 'Sex by Surprise' ( 2

kaptink writes: In the ever increasingly bizzar allegations that Julian Assange commited rape in Sweden, it now turns out that Assange didn't rape anyone and the prosecution know and accept this. Instead they charge with something called "sex by surprise," which reportedly carries a $715 fine. According to Assange's London attorney, Mark Stephens, prosecutors have yet to explain the charges or meet with the WikiLeaks chief to discuss them, which he's agreed to do. "Whatever 'sex by surprise' is, it's only an offense in Sweden, not in the U.K. or the U.S. or even Ibiza," Stephens fumed. "I feel as if I'm in a surreal Swedish movie being threatened by bizarre trolls."

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