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Journal Journal: Physicists predict the death of cosmology 2

Space.com are running a short interview with Lawrence Krauss, theoretical physicist and co-author of an upcoming paper in The Journal of Relativity and Gravitation in which it is claimed that billions of years in the future our descendents will no longer be able to study cosmology.

Without a cosmological frame of reference, Krauss explained, future observers will be clueless that their universe is still expanding. "It will be a sort of twisted situation, where thinking returns to what it was at the turn of the 20th century," he said. In other words, observers will think the universe is just a static--or non-expanding--cluster of galaxies just as scientists thought until the 1920s. "The static universe," as the journal article states, "will have returned with a vengeance."


Journal Journal: Pirate Bay cracked. 1.6 million accounts stolen.

English language coverage is now available of Computer Sweden's recent report that the infamous Pirate Bay website was cracked by a group known as 'Arga Unga Hackare' ('Angry Young Hackers'), the same group that previously defaced a government site in support of the file sharing portal.

The usernames and passwords of 1.6 million users of the popular P2P portal were compromised in the attack, however the site owners are claiming that most of the data was protected by cryptography but that users should change their passwords anyway.


Journal Journal: Aussies back tougher anti-terrorist steps for airports 2

The ABC (Australia) reports that the Australian public continue to be more than willing to continue to trade freedoms for perceptions of safety when it comes to air travel.

Security company UNISYS, who commissioned the survey, say that 98% of people want more airport security while over half of the population are increasingly afraid of national and 'internet' security. Apparently security theater is still all the rage even in countries without any meaningful history of internal terrorism.

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