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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 113

Just because the government knows you cheated on your wife (because it came up in your background clearance check) does not mean that your wife knows. This is leverage.

I used work at such a place. If it came up during a background check that you were having an affair, they would call both you and your wife into the security office and tell the person with the clearance, "you tell them or we will". They cared less about what you did and more for if you could be blackmailed for it.

Comment Re:We're paying for a paper copy, dumbass. (Score 1) 184

My largest issues are as follows, LJ subscriber for 5+ years now... I don't own a tablet, and don't like reading on a desktop/laptop... I've been waiting for a good enough tablet that doesn't seem like gouging. I might do a rooted nook color though. For the most part I'm disappointed, but not surprised. I may not renew, will need to see an issue or two, see how they work (bu commentary) for various devices... if they're formatted well for on-screen, will see.

I can't agree more. I have been a subscriber since issue #6. I renewed my subscription for another 100 PRINT issues just 8 months ago. At the time, the digital only subscription was cheaper (This new pricing brings the digital subscription issue price to the same as the previous print subscription price as confirmed by the contents page of the latest print copy) I paid extra to ALSO get the digital copies for the occasional research of an article. I love the print copies and so I paid a premium for them over the digital version. This to me is nothing but a bait-and-switch.

Comment Re:Whatcha need (Score 1) 307

We are talking OSX here, not Windoze... You should learn to read first then respond. The 10.3.5 drivers are hopelessly braindead. 10.3.6 fixes all the driver bugs with regards to NV_register_combiner2 and ARB_fragment_program extensions.

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