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Comment Re:Saw it last night in 3D (Score 1) 242

I don't have the numbers, but Mars' atmosphere is much less dense than Earth's, so it's at least conceivable. It's all about what your maximum dynamic pressure (aka "max Q") will be. Thank you, Kerbal Space Program!
With that said, it certainly seemed like he put more effort and strength into building the plastic cover for holding in his atmosphere (earlier in the movie) than he did with making sure that parachute would stay on.

Comment Re:Can't trust Michael Moore. (Score 1) 241

So aside from the coincidence of the date of founding, what else do you have? Let's see, the founders were both Union officers in the US Civil War, one a general. Further, the first president of the NRA was Ambrose Burnside, another Union general. Also, the NRA was founded in New York state. But you propose that SOMEHOW it was actually created by former rebels? What?

Comment Re: I've always said (Score 1) 241

That's not the M16, that was with the M4, which has a shorter barrel and therefore the bullet exits the barrel at a lower velocity. This leads to less of the tumbling effect upon entering a body which was exhibited by the round used in the M16 and M16A1. Further, the M16A2 and beyond uses a heavier bullet that also doesn't exhibit as much of the tumbling effect.

Comment ...or a class of languages (Score 2) 91

If you add one 's', then you could use that name to describe a whole class of languages, or "Extensible Languages for the Internet of Things." I'm betting they don't have a better or more specific name because the only driving philosophy behind it is to "make a language for the Internet of Things." Alternately, they let some marketer choose the name, which is just as sad. What makes it worse is that its target environment, the "IoT," doesn't have a better name for ITSELF because the people pushing it don't really have a really strong, useful case for it, just a solution ("hey, we can put a simple computer in anything!") looking for a problem. (Sure, there are things that might be more useful when they're connected to SOMETHING else, but most devices? Not so much. The bigger concern is security and LIMITING the connections to only those who need it.) Also, I guess I should point out that the predecessor to Java, Gosling's "Oak," was intended for running "smart appliances," in other words, for some sort of Internet-connected devices...

Comment It's a Balancing Act (Score 2) 532

Too much aggression, and a species dies. Not enough aggression, and a species dies. Sure, the ideal amount of aggression changes, but getting rid of it entirely? I'm pretty sure that's not human. Heck, you're not even an animal. Heck, even PLANTS expand aggressively to fill their biological niche. What's left that's actually alive without ANY aggression?

Comment And Then There's 'The Clone Wars' (Score 1) 422

I hated the prequels. I hated the special edition of ANH so much that I never watched the special editions of ESB or RoTJ.
Han Shot First.

Last fall, I happened to watch The Clone Wars movie and then the TV show. OK, so the first few episodes were a little rough - but I kept finding myself thinking, "This is more Star Wars than the prequels!"
Then, there was even an episode CENTERED AROUND JAR-JAR. Surprisingly, it was actually GOOD. At this point, I was hooked and really impressed. I started watching the little "making of" featurettes included on the disks. It was immediately obvious that Dave Filoni and other folks on the production team are SERIOUS Star Wars fans. (For instance, they discuss the choice of giving Jedi Master Luminara Unduli the wrong lightsaber hilt because they hadn't had time to create the correct model.) They are also clearly very knowledgeable about the Extended Universe, and they do take from it, though they only what fits.

As I watched the series and the featurettes, one name kept coming up over and over again:


Not as a problem, but as a source for ideas and as the maker of creative choices. George Lucas contributed a lot to The Clone Wars, especially to its feel - making it truly feel like Star Wars.

At this point, I have watched all of The Clone Wars except the Season 6 stuff, and I have three conclusions:

One, I really liked this show. Not everything, but most of it.
Two, The Clone Wars is very much Star Wars.
Three, The Clone Wars might not feel so much like Star Wars without George Lucas.

If I had heard this news a year ago, I would have felt like a lot of people - cheering that George Lucas was not at all involved with Episode 7. Heck, I still don't want another "George Lucas Unleashed" movie.

But after watching The Clone Wars? I am worried that without any George Lucas, Episode 7 might not feel ENOUGH like Star Wars.

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