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Comment Re:...and here I was, about to buy an Apple laptop (Score 1) 100

When I was looking at trying to get back into creative writing, I looked at Scrivener. It's a nice app, but I already had online services I liked for notes and research, mainly Evernote and Trello, and it didn't seem to have good options for integrating with them.

Turns out, Emacs does all that stuff. All it costs is your sanity an assload of time to learn.

Also, Optimus is kinda-sorta okay. There's a utility called Bumblebee that handles turning the Nvidia chip on and off, and you basically end up running a second X session on the Nvidia with the output piped into the normal session. It's done by launching any app you want to be on the GPU with a wrapper app like Optirun.

Comment Re:Often, there is no grand conspiracy (Score 2) 219

It doesn't require a grand conspiracy to doubt North Korea had enough lead time to compromise Sony so thoroughly in response to The Interview. It also isn't a Oliver Stone-esqe reach to observe that there are anecdotal reports all over the place of hackers planting false trails to China and Russia to blend in with real attacks from both places.

In the absence of actual publicly produced evidence from someone *without* a history of lying to the public and Congress, it's safe to assume that the "North Korean IP addresses" aren't actually in North Korea and are compromised machines they have been known to use in the past. How often do you see a system that's only been compromised by *one* piece of malware?

Comment Re:Fuck religion. (Score 5, Informative) 903

That's rewriting history slightly. Was it "rammed through" the Senate? Certainly. Though, if memory serves, the House was under Republican control at the time. Also, for the last goddamn time, the ACA is not a *leftist* law. The "left" is still pissed at Obama and Congress about getting knifed in the back over a public option. The ACA started life on the right at the Heritage Foundatrion in 1989. It's a testament to how hard the right worked throughout the '90s and the aughts to drag the country their way that the ACA became centrist enough for Obama to latch onto it like a limpet.

Comment Automate your own response? (Score 1) 333

The reasonable thing to do is just block everything from their domain or that includes their name.

However that's no fun. What is fun is whipping up a python script and using a service like Tropo to respond to every single message with a phone call to tell them that the email is unwanted. Of course, to ensure that they can effectively identify the offending mail, the script should read it to them in it's entirety and ask them to press a button to acknowledge that they've understood and will stop. If the call gets... disconnected for any reason, it should call back and start over until it gets it's acknowledgement.

Comment Re:Serious question (Score 1) 335

The Hurd has one thing going for it. It's design called for putting as much functionality as possible into client-server interfaces. This made it run horrifically slow. However, now that we're in the multicore era... It might actually be a path forward. Fortunately, BeOS went the same direction, and it's not quite dead yet.

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