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Submission + - Apple confirms Time Machine defect in OS X 10.5 (

Pliep writes: "In a new support document released yesterday, Apple confirms that Leopard's new backup feature called Time Machine may stop working after about 10 GB of data has been backed up. The solution may be to re-format the backup drive and make sure it does not have a Master Boot Record (MBR) partition type. Apple of course warns users to make sure they have a backup copy before reformatting their drive."

Submission + - Slashdot polls -- good idea, or useless?

posterlogo writes: Do people find the tagging system to be useful? How frequently do you make use of it? Often I find stories tagged "haha", which doesn't seem to be all that useful for finding something specific, since more than half the stories get this tag. Worse, lately there's been a lot of politicizing — tags like "liberalpropaganda" or "republicansarefuckingfacists". These appear to be just another way to make an anonymous coward statement. Do you like the tagging system?

Submission + - New Nintendo Wii Accessory and game - Wii Fit

sien writes: Nintendo have announced a new accessory for the Wii, a balance board. The balance board will come with a new game, Wii Fit. More from Ars Technica. Will this be a new Nintendo Power Glove or will it increase the sales of the Wii and turning into the most successful of the new generation of consoles?
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone AT&T deal under scrutiny by US governme (

tsa writes: "Apple's multi-year iPhone contract with AT&T has become the poster child for the ills of the cellphone industry in a US House committee debate, with Verizon also casting its own doubts on the device. Here's what AppleInsider has to say about it."

Submission + - Dangers of the Nintendo Wii (

Bobodie writes: The folks over at the Land of Randomness have put up a humorous story about a wii player and an injury caused by being too enthusiastic. The article is meant for entertainment but brings a few thoughts to mind regarding up and coming safety issues as gaming evolves. A direct link to the article is here.

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