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Comment Re:In game purchases are gross (Score 1) 85

[sic] I would rather pay a good sum for a quality game [...]

And there's your problem right there. Your assumption that SL is a game. It's not, although you can play games there. It's a place to meet/build/whatever is your kink. In fact kink seems to be the most popular thing in SL. That or Gor sims, which seem to be mainly populated by misogynistic assholes and grandmothers who want to RP the whole warrior sex/slave thing, Having said that, you can have fun in SL in the BDSM community and even in Gor if the role playing is good.

As to the purchasing of in game content. It's not the same as in games. You're not buying from Linden Labs, but from other content creators, some of whom are brilliant.

Comment Re:It's wildly unlikely we should exist (Score 1) 267

There are some pretty unique conditions that allowed life to evolve here. Time and being in the right place (ie. the habital zone) are not the only prerequisites. The Universe is a dangerous place and it's out to kill us or any other life. In planetary science, there is a theory with a lot of support, that says the moon had a significant role to play in allowing life to develop on Earth. For one thing, it creates significant tides, which stirred up the materials needed to form life in the oceans. Another thing, is that without the moon, the earths axis of rotation would not be stable and thus at some times, the poles would likely to be pointing at (or away from) the Sun. That would be bad for life, especially complex life.

Comment Re:Running a nuclear plant on Windows? (Score 3, Interesting) 87

I was developing a Train Control System for OS-9, then Apple came out with there similarity named operating system for the Mac. Suddenly the newsgroups became unusable and you could no longer get rely on support for driver development, as they became flooded with Apple fanbois posting how they couldn't install this or that or some stupid thing. Way to kill a reasonably good OS, Apple.

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