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Comment Re:Enjoy yourself, forget about school (Score 1) 335

I kind of disagree with this being the last summer of your childhood.

1) Questioner already said they already spent last summer working. The last summer of your childhood is the one where you weren't working, IMHO. Still this might the last time you see a lot of the people you went to high school with, for better or worse, it won't be the same come next year.

2) Summer between college semesters isn't exactly childhood, but isn't quite adulthood either. There's still a few years left to enjoy, even if you're working during the summer..

3) Adults get the shaft every summer (unless you're rich or retired). Adults have no two month escape to look forward too, and the escape from that, come fall. You're life is all goddamn routine with a real job.

4) Ironically, I'm typing this on the first full day of summer 2012. I wouldn't be caught dead in front of a PC on this day before "adulthood". So do enjoy it while you can, but just remember there's some still some good summers ahead, don't miss them.

Comment Sugar is a drug (Score 1) 1141

It's a substance that creates craving and addiction and provides the body with no real nourishment, and consistent long-term consumption of it will lead to a degradation of one's health. Try stopping cold turkey and see how you feel after a couple of days.

It's like cigarettes, in that even with daily use, you may not see the long-term consequences for years, but they're there and they come.

It's not the only issue that is creating an obesity epidemic in America, but it's a significant one. If you go back 20-25 years, you wouldn't see such a high-percentage of rotund individuals. Just look at old TV news clips, or newspaper photos, it was much more rare.

But with Bloomberg's plan, I don't see what would stop anyone from buying two 16 oz. drinks of coke instead, so I really wonder how effective this would be.

Frankly, I'm all for individual rights, but how about a Surgeon General's warning instead on the side of every bottle of coke and diet coke (aspartame isn't any better), stop the marketing of it to kids and distribution in school settings, and education and recovery plans to assist anyone who wants to escape a daily high volume sugar intake permanently.

We know prohibition doesn't work, and despite the irrational execution of America's "war on drugs", I'm not advising it. But c'mon, lets stop pretending that there isn't a serious problem with is being marketed and sold as consumable food in America (and it's not just sugar), and actually do something about it.

Comment Re:It's about damn time (Score 0) 1051

Yeah, because privatized security did so well on September 11th 2001? Remember that? Letting 19 guys with one-way tickets, no luggage, and boxcutters, board 4 planes without so much as a pause of concern?

No question the system is broken and needs to be fixed, but privatization will eventually breakdown and corners will be cut when the bottom line isn't satisfying the stockholders. It almost always does.

Is another 9/11 worth it so we can learn this lesson AGAIN, and forget it barely 10 years later?

Comment Watching Football Causes Brain Damage (Score 1) 684

Seriously, I'd like a study of this.

Anyone who shells out $$$ for an "authentic jersey", pays outlandish premiums for just for the right to buy sub-standard seats in a freezing stadium, or just gets worked up over the consequences of an event that regardless of the outcome, has no legitimate, meaningful impact on their lives, and never, ever will.

Comment Re:You Get Who You Write For. (Score 1) 231

I totally agree. I find it ironic (but not unexpected), as owner of the network, Denton is acting like he isn't playing a direct role in all of this. It should go without saying, but if he really cared about the quality of the commenters, he'd take a serious look at what he's putting out there.

He probably doesn't care though, the move to facebook logins is probably just a money thing.

I hope your right, and Gawker does die.

Comment You Get Who You Write For. (Score 2) 231

Denton: "The idea of capturing the intelligence of the readership — that's a joke."

Ok, I admit, I find some interesting stuff on occasion on Lifehacker, but that aside, with the insidiously moronic nature of the typical Kotaku article, churned out 3 or 4 times per hour, who else does he expect to comment on such contrived stories as this:


Or just posting random unnamed sources with PS4 specs that sound absurd. No one would get into a protracted, irrational debate about that, based on idle speculation ...

And here's a real think piece from Gawker.com today:


Can't believe more rocket scientists and doctors aren't jumping in to elevate the conversation...

Comment So where are the non-degree jobs nowadays? (Score 1) 504

Seriously, I know there's like zero chance of anyone reading this, but I can't remember the last time I saw any kind of job posting that didn't set a minimum of some sort of CS/IT degree for a position.

People who already have professional experience might be able to get by, but it just seems like the rest of us with zero of either don't have that same opportunity.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 504

I have a BA in a non-science field (um, obviously), and when I kicked the tires on going back for a graduate program for CS, I was pretty much told by multiple schools, I'd need to get a BS first, and not really even given the option to just take a few courses to "catch up". From what I saw, their reasoning seemed sound, in so much as I needed more math and science, and a more structured programming curriculum.

While I wouldn't need to get a whole 120+ credit BS (I could apply some of my degree), I'd still need somewhere between 60-64 credits for the science side. Which is frankly daunting, especially when you're working full-time and have already done a Bachelors.

I'd imagine people with BS's might have an easier time getting into CS grad school, depending the school. I wish I was in that boat.

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