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Comment Mythbust this! (Score 5, Informative) 365

It is all about keeping wages down: Microsoft cuts 2,100 jobs in its latest round of layoffs (http://www.engadget.com/2014/09/18/microsoft-layoffs-round-2/) Intel to cut over 5,000 jobs (http://money.cnn.com/2014/01/17/technology/intel-jobs/) Cisco plans 6,000 layoffs in restructuring plan (http://www.bizjournals.com/sanjose/news/2014/08/13/cisco-plans-6-000-layoffs-in-restructuring-plan.html?page=all) https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Comment Any desent will be quelled (Score 5, Interesting) 584

Back in the day Janet Napolitano put out a report warning of right-wing extremist at the time of the Tea Party. Here is a bit of ranting by the progressives on how it should have been pursued: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/06/1117242/-Remember-the-DHS-Right-Wing-Extremist-Report

At the time that the crackdown happened to the OWS people I wrote the following:

"I’m very sorry to hear about your forceful removal from Zuccotti park where you were peacefully demonstrating against what you see as what is wrong with our country. You were exercising your free speech and free assembly rights and I hate to see this taken from you. Let me tell you that I know how you must be feeling right now. About two and a half years ago several of my friends and I joined a movement to protest the government bailing out the bankers that you are so upset with (first time I ever protested anything BTW). We had rallies around the country with the theme of promoting individualism over corporate cronyism. This movement was attacked by the press and government as being racist, gay-bashing, “Astroturf” (term for grass-roots effort sponsored by big money sources), and heartless (I’m sure there were cases where people on the fringe were causing such issues, the same can be said about the fringe in the OWS crowd, but for a majority of people I met while involved this was not the case) but now the whole movement has been marginalized. It is unfortunate that we were unable to convince you at the time of the importance of the issues we were facing and that you chose to sit on the sidelines mocking us as “Tea Baggers” and such. I do hope we can find some common ground now that you are awake and we can take our government back from the statist and big money influences we’ve ceded it to."

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 1) 548

"But I feel MUCH better with that power in the hands of my government, than with a private citizen." What magic keeps someone in government from becoming corrupt or greedy for power? NOTHING. It was the government that bailed out the bankers. End crony capitalism by shrinking the government.

Comment Indemnification already offered on Linux (Score 5, Informative) 225

A quick search revealed that at least one embedded Linux vendor offers this too without per-phone royalties:

"Meanwhile, MontaVista added that it protects its customers from technical and legal risks through warranties on all editions of MontaVista Linux and indemnification against claims involving the code it creates and delivers."

Just more FUD IMHO

Antidepressants In the Water Are Making Shrimp Suicidal 182

Antidepressants may help a lot of people get up in the morning but new research shows they are making shrimp swim into that big bowl of cocktail sauce in the sky. Alex Ford, a marine biologist at the University of Portsmouth, found that shrimp exposed to the antidepressant fluoxetine are 5 times more likely to swim towards light instead of away from it. Shrimp usually swim away from light as it is associated with birds or fishermen.

Comment Re:A false choice, of course... (Score 1) 2044

My apologies for a harsh reply, as well.

Heh I work in open-source all day. A good flaming is good for my thick skin.

Any instance where government restricts private entities from taking actions that they would otherwise be able to take in a fully free (laissez-faire) market.

I think setting rules to keep competition healthy is great, particularly with companies that incorporate. They exist under the law for the benefit of the state in exchange for protection under that same law.

Example of indirect intervention would be government-run companies entering the market alongside private ones...

IMHO this is a conflict of interest because they _ARE_ rule setters. They can always change the rules to their benefit.

What about natural monopolies?

No choice, you have to regulate natural monopolies. I guess the difficulty here is defining what a natural monopoly is, I think you are talking about utilities and the like.

Comment Re:A false choice, of course... (Score 1) 2044

"Oh god please, not this crap again" sorry I should have not introduced this tangent. "By the way, when you say that "capitalism should be constrained by the competition", do you imply that government has the obligation to step in and ensure competitive market, even if that means direct intervention?" heh, well there is the slippery slope. what do you see as "direct intervention"? Government take over, public option, etc no. Stopping companies from becoming "to big to fail" yes. Stopping "monopoly capitalism" yes.

Comment Re:A false choice, of course... (Score 1) 2044

Couple of things :-) 1. We are a republic not a democracy. Mob-rule would suck IMHO 2. I'm not advocating replacing the government with anarchy and capitalism, I'm saying they must work together. Letting one overwhelm the other would be bad, very bad. Government should be constrained with checks and balances, and capitalism should be constrained by competition.

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