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Comment Re:Pesky critics (Score 0, Troll) 507

The whole climate thing just uses data from a very small number of weather stations, cherry picked to yield desired results, such as airports, tar papered roofs with nearby A/C units etc etc. I.e, get data to uphold the model, instead of altering the model to fit all available real-world data. In essence, bad science worth billions of euro

Comment Low number of weather stations (Score 1) 507

The number of weather stations for something like this seems rather low. Hell, in Sweden alone, if you were to use all correctly placed sensors, you'd have access to well over a thousand stations, and in many cases, you'd have to drop the data from the SMHI climategate-associated ones, since they are deliberately placed in locations where they get artificially warmer results than the national average would be.

Comment Re:Speed vs. Usage (Score 1) 100

"I was also surprised not to see Finland in the top 10 - it seems like every time there is a discussion of broadband access and speeds someone brings up Finland as a shining example of good broadband availability in a relatively sparsely populated nation; apparently, at least from Akamai's view of the 'net, availability (or at least uptake) isn't nearly as extensive as some have suggested" Akamai do not serve the nordic countries very well. No local servers, and I suspect that they deliberately cap bandwidth use from us too. On my connection, where I can get 11.5MB/s download speed from at 19:00 swedish time when downloading the EVE client from CCP(via LLNW), grab stuff from Sunet, Funet or similar at the same speeds too, or get 8MB/s or so from some other sources, if I have to hit an Akamai server, I'm glad if I get 1.5MB/s

Comment Re:Any USEFUL information? (Score 1) 349

In Sweden, the cost of diesel is pretty much the same as the cost of gas, it's a difference of 12-30 Ãre per liter(That is-2-5 cents per liter), out of a total cost of SEK13.30-14.80 per liter. Even then, diesels are getting more and more popular because of fuel economy, good power in compact drive trains etc, and overall they are quite reliable, even in cold weather.

Comment Re:Wow.... (Score 1) 1173

"Back on topic; Studies show roundabouts are useful for low to medium traffic areas. They will cause more accidents when the area is congested, and traffic engineers will continue to recommend traffic signals in those locations. A good indicator that the roundabout needs to be replaced is to look at it during rush hour. If people regularly have to brake or stop to enter it, it's time to replace it with signals. If people are getting aggressive because they're having to wait, that's an indicator of an engineering failure, not "american" behavior."

Funny, here in Sweden, we put in roundabouts to replace traffic lights in areas with high traffic density, and roundabouts are empirically proven to be less accident prone, especially in serious injuries or even fatal accidents.

One thing that differs is dimensions, the US ones are just too small for a given traffic density. Another thing is the downright overload of signs and road painting etc.

Here's a mixed region where roundabouts reduced the queues and improved traffic flow immensely. Note how many roundabouts there are.

Comment Re:Not quite slow (Score 1) 184

Why do so many nerds extrapolate the limits of their hardware requirements onto others? Trust me, general use of computers is far more diverse in hardware requirements than most nerds want to believe. Take for example all hobby artists(Photo, video, music), or like my mother, doing patterns for sewing, stitching etc. My brother uses his computer to help him with his hobby of working on old boats, including doing CAD. Both need beefier hardware than I do when I code. I can just put a compile on when I go and do some household chores etc, while they need beefy hardware to actively work with their tasks. Gaming is far more widespread now than it was 12 years ago, and contrary to the popular meme here on Slashdot, it's not just flash-games. My mother loves the Settlers games, my sister loves Sims. My dad is a fan of Trainz, which requires rather massive hardware, and it's not just about RAM and storage... He's building a scenario based on where he grew up, and how he remembered it. And he's no computer nerd either. Yet he needs more hardware than I do.

Comment Re:Norwegian refugees Re:Not Slavic (Score 1) 191

Actually, the Sami only came here around 2000 to 2500 years ago, displacing other people who lived here already(The oldest signs of settlements in Norrbotten are over 11000 years old, while the oldest sami traces are around 2500 years old) The Sami are now pushing hard for stopping archaeological digs etc in the far north. The sami themselves have been traced genetically to a region just east of the urals, though politically they do all they can to try and deny that.

Comment Savings (Score 1) 191

A friend of mine here in Sweden rebuilt his house such that he uses geothermal for heating, with a 15-year plan for economy. In the 4 years he's had it, he's about halfway to recouping his investment already, thanks to Sweden having had normal winters(on a geological timescale, not the unusually mild winters we've had since the mid-80's) again the last two years. Another thing he's working on now is building a Stirling engine, coupled to the geothermal, to generate electricity. It'll be roughly the size of an ordinary home washing machine, and can provide about 1kW. He won't be completely offgrid, but he can severely reduce the amount of power he needs from the grid. Couple that with using LED's and other low-energy lighting, using energy efficient computers etc, he and his family still live very comfortably, in fact, more so than many others. I wish I could do that with my apartment actually.

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