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Open Source

Submission + - Open Volunteers, Closed Product (

PlainBlack writes: I've all of the sudden found myself in a weird position. My company recently released close sourced a game with an open API. We open sourced the client for it. And now we're getting volunteers asking if they can help contribute to the server, which is still closed. We can't open source the server, but it's also hard turning down knowledgable help, especially when it comes for free. My business partners and I are confounded as to what to do. Is there some sort of half-measure that others have employed in such a situation, or are we unique?
Open Source

Submission + - Release Early, Release Often No More (

PlainBlack writes: I guess the old open source mantra of release early, release often no longer applies, at least on Freshmeat. I just received this email from Freshmeat:

Subject: WebGUI: Releases too often
Since this project has had a front page announcement within the last few days, this second release will not appear on the front page. Subscribers to the project will still be notified.

Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - For Games

PlainBlack writes: "From Board Game Designers Forum: The big news today is that we've refined our production process so that we can offer you, the game designers of the world, the ability to get professional production copies of your game, one copy at a time. You design your game as normal, then upload the files on From there you can add parts such as pawns, tokens and dice to your game. You can order copies at cost for yourself, and you can also publish your game for sale in our online store. ... At the end of each month you'll get a royalty payment for each game we sell."

Submission + - Sci-Fi Tech We Could Have If... ( 1

PlainBlack writes: "Possibility isn't limited by technology. And it's certainly not limited by human imagination. What makes something impossible is the lack of cold, hard, cash. Wired blog takes a look at 10 science fiction technologies we could build, if they weren't so expensive. Or if we hadn't wasted our money on fighting wars, the dot-com bubble, and super bowl ads."

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