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Comment Computers were much more mysterious 30 years ago (Score 1) 429

The TRON fantasy worked in 1980 because computers for most of us were these magical black boxes. Compared to today, a really small group of people around the world understood how they worked or how to program them.

Today, our fantasies have grown with our understanding of their ever increasing power... enter The Matrix.

Tron 2010 needed to evolve but it didn't. This has nothing to do with _OUR_ lack of imagination, it has to do with the films own lack of imagination.

First Person Shooters (Games)

id Software On Rage, Storytelling In Games 97

Tom Willits of id Software took some time recently to speak about storytelling as it relates to id's previous games, and how it will be a part of their upcoming shooter, Rage. He also dispelled rumors that Rage would suffer content cuts due to Xbox hardware limitations. Unfortunately, he called into question whether mods will be a possibility for the game, saying that the issue is still under consideration.

Comment Re:I saw that commercial too (Score 1) 587

it's two years of GDP but you make it sound like their GDP will drop to 0 and thus their savings will last them just 2 years. Maybe that's not what you intended to imply but that's how it comes across.
9T in private citizens savings is HUGE no matter how you look at it.
"Boston University economist Lawrence Kotlikoff, for example, has argued that a relatively low rate of U.S. saving is ominous because: (1) it implies that Americans will have less wealth and income per person than the Japanese and Western' Europeans who record a savings rate from one-third to one-half higher than our own; (2) less wealth accumulation by Americans entails less control of the world's wealth by Americans, including wealth invested in the United States; and (3) the potential demands of the next generation of retirees on the next generation of workers. "

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