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Comment Re:Consistently bad (Score 2) 160

If you really want to see a goofy interface, pick up a pentax DSLR.

Pantax? Goofy interface? Pentax users navigate between captured images with a d-pad, and zoom in and out using the rear scroll, unlike the unfortunate canon and nikon users that have to contort their thumbs to reach to tiny zoom in and out buttons at the edge of their camera bodies.

Comment Re:Par for the course (Score 1) 407

Next computer I get, and I'll likely be in that market soon, I do not think I will get a Windows machine.

Well, unless you want a mac, you're most likely going to end up buying a Windows machine even if you plan on overwriting the OS.

I thought /.ers build their own computer. Even if it's a notebook, there's plenty of choice. My Vostro came with Ubuntu

Comment Re:They did wear me down (Score 1) 565

I got tired of the perpetual beta aspect, especially when it came to always being a step behind on new hardware integration.

When was this? Feels to me like the exact opposite has been true for the past 5-10 years. For example, Linux got USB 3.0 before _anyone_ else did.

DisplayLink USB videos, SLI/CrossFire on notebooks, Miracast.. well we do have miracast on Android. Granted most of them due to the lack of support by their respective manufacturers, but the end result is still the same

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