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Submission + - Brendan Eichs advice to the next generation (

Pivot writes: [...] at the time, mostly we felt the need to move very quickly, not to make money but because we knew Microsoft was coming after us. Microsoft low-balled Netscape in late '94, and the Jims (Clark and Barksdale) told them to pound sand. After that, we felt the monster truck riding up on our little Yugo's rear bumper, month by month.[...]

As far as us not selling out: live and learn. I'm not sure I'll ever have the opportunity to apply this knowledge, but here it is for you kids who may end up in a rocket-like startup.

Either get your unfair share, or get your technical goods, or both (in your dreams) — but don't just work hard to try to invent something new in a hurry, to improve the nascent Web. You might not have the good grace I've had with Mozilla and Firefox to make up for it.


Submission + - ELP! - first letter always missing!

Pivot writes: A large number of users are complaining that their keyboard misbehaves after upgrading to the latest version of OS X, Leopard.

The topic "ELP! — first letter always missing!" has over 12 thousand views on the apple discussion board, and some users have even returned their machines in despair, with Apple being completely silent about the issue and refusing to acknowledge there being a problem.

The problem mostly manifests itself as the first key typed in a text area / window being completely ignored, but sometimes also even random keypresses are dropped. Some users believe that the problem occur only when there are exernal USB devices attached, and mostly with MacBook Pros. It's being suspected that a large number of users are experiencing the problem without even knowing that it might be a problem with the machine or software itself, believing that they simply "need to bang a little harder on the keyboard".

This problem is now showing up all over the net as more and more people switches to macs.

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