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Comment Re:The Road can change The Traveler (Score 1) 89

And all this is moot. Since no privacy can be had on a network connected computer where all can/will be hacked, this also means anything on the networked computer cannot be connected to only the owners/operators. They killed computer evidence in their child preditor descision.

"If I cannot keep LEO off my machine, LEO put the pictures there, or looked after the other Hackers put it there with the same exploit LEO used!"

Comment The Road can change The Traveler (Score 2) 89

If the data is not encrypted, a middle man could have changed it prior to arriving back at FBI headquarters. (Doesn't everyone have a network appliance watching all traffic leaving home to scrub MAC addresses and more in plain text of packets leaving? Red lights? Klaxons? "You have ID data trying to Breach!!" )

It had me wondering on a tangent.... If Stingray's in use, and one of the methods it uses to snoop is to scream louder and force phones to revert to older, not so encrypted communication protocols, how many cell conversations/transactions does that open up for anyone listening in the same area while they spy on one of the thousand phones?

Comment Re:Nice theory. Non-starter. (Score 1) 84

And you may make a good corporate recruiter, but 70% of potentially underreported anything is too low for working in an environment completely out of your own control. Spending time and energy making something for a platform that is killed or altered beyond your project, is 70% of nothing. Losing customers because they hate the walled-garden ads wrapped around your project is more nothing. Being limited to only the customers inside the garden, and then seeing the garden shrink is not a future.

Give me a real job, or go make your own apps. Pay for time and effort, not just for success. Forced to wrap ads or other promos within a clean product just leaves a bad taste in everyones mouth, and that does not sell beyond fad.

These corporations have shown what they like doing when they have all the control. Take wonderful product ideas, remove ~70% of the greatness, jack up the prices, wrap them in flashing garbage, make it incompatible with anything not made by corporate, and once their buyers start to get comfortable, delete the products or the platforms on which they existed to force re-purchase. Can't have customers stick around when the platform is gone. More no-pay work for another shot at undefined-shrinking-market for 70% of may-change-without-notice.

Accepting this environment looks like "giving up" to me. Just more "Bounty" games to make people think it's not the low to unpaid intern work that it appears to be.

Comment Nice theory. Non-starter. (Score 1) 84

No ads have stayed away with pay. Once paid, their explanation "Those were tier 1 ads. They are gone now. These are tier 2 ads."

Paying money for damaged rental code that can be pulled, deleted, broken, and just never finished is not a valid path forward. Paying to a company that keeps it's products from working with other companies products is self-torture. Seeing how little goes to the actual crteators is reason enough. Paying a company for anything when they refuse to hire reasearch, or quality control, and then post "bounties" so they can steal others work for minimal cost to them instead of paying actual employees is not a path forward.

Any and all agreements made at the time of purchase are modified on their whims, even seconds after purchase, where you have "agreed" to let them do whatever they want by way of EULA and other licenses.

I pay creators, not corporate walled-gardens that thrive on the sweat and death of others. I even pay for things I will never use, just to help keep good things going. Apple is not what I consider a "good thing". "Better than some" is below my threshold.

I do not value your definition of work, nor your interpretation of modern day life. And, keep your ads.

Comment Re:My favorite dirty Windows 10 trick (Score 1) 500

I just want to know what the big feature is in Windows 10 that you believe should convince me to allow potentially thousands of people, from CEO's and their pals down to support reps making minimum and their friends, to have the ability to see everything that crosses my computer, that can be seen by my computer's input peripherals on command, and collect said information for as long as they wish, all using my paid for bandwidth and electricity, along with the wear and tear of these additional undesired tasks on my paid for hardware?

I find it hard to believe there is such a thing. I would have asked if you were around here pushing the benefits of the Sony Root Kit, but your ID looks high enough to either rule that out from young age, or was just recently new after being banned as a troll.

Privacy is to be protected like a trademark, or you lose the usage of the defense. Choosing a glass house means one cannot successfully sue snoops and perverts in my experience. I will keep my options open.

Comment Outsourced espionage of citizens, treason? (Score 2, Interesting) 237

Sounds illegal in both national and international levels, but I am still waiting for the encryption ban after this.

Imagine every LEO calling a mumble "Encryption" or "Code". Everything not understood must be encrypted. Remember the gang signs lockup for waving? Any files on your phone must be plain, and in all languages or it must be hidden messages. New tools for racists or classist members of LE or Government.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 166

It may be old, but it is a quick solution for many tasks. It is a text based coding environment using something similar to perl hashes, but they are multidimensional and sorted. Put a carot in front of a variable and it becomes a database entry that all processes can see, but otherwise local variables for the code. The commands can be shortened in many cases down to a letter or two. Strict form of Optional-Label space command space arguments space command space arguments..... Reminds me a little of basic, but instead of line numbers, optional labels on any line will name and index the code as well as the data storage.

There were many at one time, but most were gobbled up by Cache'. They seem to have turned theirs into a web server to avoid the terminal text limits. Pity.

There is a FileMan package of mumps code made for the VA way back, that is a pretty complete relational database package for those needs. Call centers have used it well. Multi-user in/out bound switch controlling script engines. Some of the script applications used FileMan as a base for storage, but the data could still be used in a native manner. Some of the script editors were very featured, and could generate mumps code very cleanly. Other than FileMan however, I did not see anything but custom code.

I liked using under VMS the most, but the aix version is just as useful. DOS versions were a nightmare for me. I love it still, but trying to stay with it and avoiding the healthcare industry is getting harder every day. Most recently however, perl takes up more of my time.

Comment Politics Too? (Score 1) 385

Doesn't Robin Hood Theory go for bad politics as well as bad energy? And would not be limited to only one area of life.

Take the money from those lousy, good for nothing, bad politicians in office, and all kinds of good can be done!

Why limit yourselves to only fixing energy? Get those ignorant, self-serving, A#%holes out of office! The rest will fall into line at the same time.

Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 152

.... /. claim MS gives the (favorite three letter agency goes here) backdoors to all of their clients machines?

That was in the era where software was delivered/obtained and installed on the users computer. This is the age of server based subscription applications. They were only allowing back doors into other people's equipment, never MS server total access if they could help it.

Do unto others, never me. -- MS

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