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Comment This just in... (Score 0) 248

... Scientists have engineered a bacteria able to glow when a land mine is detected. There's a lot of buzz at the facility about this breakthrough. Trucks have been seen bringing lots of stereo equipment, strobe lights, exstacy, and international techno dj, Tiesto. In other news, still no solution for aids, the recession, or galactic travel.

Comment Re:Minesweeping (Score 0) 248

I hope that as the bacteria glows, it arranges itself into numbers indicating how many mines are nearby. It should making identifying the mined locations a simple matter of elimination.

Terrific idea! I'll get working on little "goo flags" we can use to mark the locations of "suspected" mines.

Comment Re:Soo.... (Score 0) 435

furthermore... I love that Microsoft is now doing what it does best by targeting a younger audience. Setting them up for a lifetime of disappointment... at least til they start using linux.

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