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Comment Re:If no root, no Android. FirefoxOS anyone? (Score 4, Informative) 240

You missed the point--he's saying that root access might one day no longer be necessary, not that it'll become impossible to root an Android device.

Yes, this. You shouldn't root your device "just because you can", which seems to be the mentality some people have. It greatly increases your attack surface for security vulnerabilities. I'm certain that the ability to root will stick around "forever", but for most people having a well thought out API which allows separation of privileges is going to lead to better results.

Comment Re:If no root, no Android. FirefoxOS anyone? (Score 3, Informative) 240

Root will be nesessary until the carriers allow us to freely uninstall their bloatware, and other useless/quasi-hostile junk (for me, that means facebook).

Good news! You haven't needed root to do that for a Long Time now. You can just click the "Disable" button in the app's details page, or drag it to the trash can from the apps drawer, and it's disabled. Sure, it's taking up a few MB of space on your system image, but, "oh well." At least, this is certainly true on any Android 4.x device I've owned.

Comment Re:Are you guys really loosing it in the U.S? (Score 1) 496

I know many of my wife's passwords (not word related ones, but most others), but she doesn't know mine. She still has accounts on all my computers though so she could get to all my files if she needed to. She doesn't know mine mostly because they're long and random so she'd probably have to write them down to remember, etc.

I have given a bit of thought to some sort of escrow account/file for this sorta stuff. But, we both have access to the bank account, insurance,... already, so it probably isn't that important. I'm sure her dad could do data recovery on my other systems if the need arose.

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