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Submission + - Will IaaS cause a "Dumbing Down" of today's Enterprise IT staff?

Piobaireachd writes: I've been a professional "IT" guy since 1992. in 2008, I had what I thought was an epiphany: "Golly, I'm tired of re-learning new API's and OS's and middleware gotchas every 3 months. Hmm, gee, no matter how you slice it, enterprises like mine always need data storage, some sort of a database, and a network. How about I get into one of those fields (while I still can) while at my current employer?" Fate was my friend and I've since enjoyed working in Data Storage with some very large toys and tools adorned by more blinky lights than I ever imagined. I have, until recently, found it a rewarding and enriching career move.

I'm now seeing a rapid maturation in the "Infrastructure As A Service" offerings from some of the larger Enterprise IT vendors. There's so much 'ultrasimplification' of what was once a rather technically involved and highly specialized set of responsibilities, that it has me thinking it's time to find a new path. Tools such as EMC's ViPR, Watch4Net, VMAX Cloud Edition, VMWare's vSphere and vCenter all appear to reveal a trend: No matter how an enterprise chooses to architect their infrastructure, there will ultimately remain far less of a need to retain internal professional infrastructure engineers as these IaaS technologies gain a larger footing.

Does this match the trend observed by other enterprise Infrastructure Engineers in the Slashdot Community?

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