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Comment Non story (Score 5, Informative) 406

Of course China will return it.

Right after they take it apart, photograph its parts, map all its PCB traces, identify all the parts, copy its firmware and reassemble it (that last part is optional).

And in a year at most the US can buy a comparable version at half the cost from China.

Same thing happened when that US spy plane had to make an emergency landing awhile back (after colliding with a Chinese fighter jet). China returned the plane, in crates. I hear the crew threw all the sensitive stuff out while the plane was over the water.

Comment Just one little thing ... (Score 3, Insightful) 1430

If your going by number of votes cast the when you look at the total votes, the majority of Americans voted that they did NOT want Hillary.

I didn't vote for Trump but I sure as Hell's didn't vote for Hillary.

I honestly feel I'd rather have Trump, better an incompetent idiot who will accomplish nothing because he is hated than a criminal who has already stated on record that she will violate her oath of office as soon as the takes office and will not be effectively opposed because she is popular.

Comment Re:If confirmed, does this make it realistic? (Score 1) 477

Black holes emitted radiation back in the 19th century. Did you know that?

And did you know that the concept of black holes was first put forth in 1916 with Einstein's GR , in the 20th Century, not the 19th. And the name "Black Hole" wasn't even used to describe them until the 1960's.

Comment Re:Definitely script kiddies (Score 1) 85

If I only had mod points!

This is exactly the point I made when I was talking to my brother about this. As you point out its a one time use attack, and it didn't really accomplish anything other than highlight the vulnerabilities of the IoT and trigger action to correct those vulnerabilities.

I bet the state level actors are more than a bit ticked off about this, now they won't be able to use the IoTs as easily for their own plans.

Comment Re:Forcibly? (Score 1) 88

A "quick access button" doesn't always mean you can turn something off. I would not be surprised if it only let you change things like the timing of the curve but not let you control if it happens or not.

That said you're probably right and it will have the option to be disabled, though that option might only be available for corporate licensed version.

Comment Old idea (Score 1) 130

Back in the late '80s there was talk about having the space shuttle hang on to the big external fuel tank until it got into orbit. The idea was the tank could be modified on the ground to have a docking port and basic necessities like basic ventilation ducts and electrical harness already installed. Since the shuttle almost never had anything near its max cargo load the added weight of the tank would not have been an issue for the shuttle to get into orbit. Sadly the idea never went anywhere.

Comment Ah, traditions ... (Score 0, Offtopic) 233

"Fingerprints, in contrast, have traditionally been viewed as 'real or physical evidence,'"

I wonder it these judges would also consider the practice of strapping a male baby to a board and cutting off part of it's penis without anesthesia to be acceptable because it is "tradition"

I can think of many other "traditions" that need to be reconsidered in light of modern times.

Comment So much for biometrics being more "Secure" (Score 5, Insightful) 97

How long till they use 3D printing or such to replicate someones face or retina scan?

One more reason for me to never use or trust bio-metric authentication.

And now I have something I can point to and say "See?" when someone tries to convince me how great Bio-metrics are.

Comment Re: This is sacrilege plain and simple (Score 1) 354

And she was a new character in a new series who was able to define her character as the series progressed. She was not one of the original characters who already had their character defined in three seasons of TOS, five movies and an episode of ST:Voyager.

If they mess with cannon too much they are going to create a time paradox that will cause the new time line to reset because Spoke didn't go back in time so they can make another reboot and mess with the original story line again ....

wait a sec ...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! That's their plan!!!!

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