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Comment Ah, traditions ... (Score 0, Offtopic) 230

"Fingerprints, in contrast, have traditionally been viewed as 'real or physical evidence,'"

I wonder it these judges would also consider the practice of strapping a male baby to a board and cutting off part of it's penis without anesthesia to be acceptable because it is "tradition"

I can think of many other "traditions" that need to be reconsidered in light of modern times.

Comment So much for biometrics being more "Secure" (Score 5, Insightful) 97

How long till they use 3D printing or such to replicate someones face or retina scan?

One more reason for me to never use or trust bio-metric authentication.

And now I have something I can point to and say "See?" when someone tries to convince me how great Bio-metrics are.

Comment Re: This is sacrilege plain and simple (Score 1) 354

And she was a new character in a new series who was able to define her character as the series progressed. She was not one of the original characters who already had their character defined in three seasons of TOS, five movies and an episode of ST:Voyager.

If they mess with cannon too much they are going to create a time paradox that will cause the new time line to reset because Spoke didn't go back in time so they can make another reboot and mess with the original story line again ....

wait a sec ...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! That's their plan!!!!

Comment Re:Cue the lawsuits. (Score 1) 443

Unless the term changed definition when I wasn't looking, "bricking" something is typically permanent.

while technically true you miss the point. The computer becomes unusable by the owner, effectively, though not truly, "bricking it" from their point of view. remember that most computer users, and some /. posters, are not geeks.

When a Windows update borks... you just take it to your chosen techie to do a fresh install and your hardware works fine again.

During which time (1-3 days min in my experience) you can't use your computer and you also have to pay for MS's screw up out of your own pocket.

They can probably even salvage our data without too much trouble.

but not always, so you loose data because of MS's screw up, not to mention the added risk that some geek at Best Buy is going to rifle through you data looking for pictures you would rather not have anyone else see..

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 221

As Marcus commented in Babylon 5

"I have come to rejoice at the unfairness of the Universe. Because if it was truly fair it would mean that all bad stuff that happens to us would be because we actually deserved it."

This is indeed one of those times when the fact that life is never fair gets driven home hard.

Comment Re:Last grasp (Score 1) 312

While I agree that MS must be getting desperate I have to disagree about the "user alienation".

Most users are already OWNED outright by MS, they don't know about the alternatives, or don't care enough to switch because they only play solitaire, or don't want to switch at home because they have to use it at work, and it would just be too hard to learn how to use a different OS, whaaaa!!!!!!

Lets face it; other than users who read /. and the other tech forums most people don't have a clue. They just use what ever OS came with their system and whatever software that runs on it and everyone else they know has.

Unless the companies that create the software and configure the systems start supporting/distributing other OSs on a large scale nothing is going to change anytime soon.

just my $.02

Comment Re:FM radio's last gasp? (Score 1) 340

Where are my mod points when I actually want to mod something?

Your point is spot on. In an emergency the cell services are either going to be saturated with data requests, people trying to call someone, incoming calls, texts, etc.. And that is assuming that the towers are still functional, yes they have batteries but if the landline or tower has been damaged they are out of commission.

If smart phones already have the FM receiver hardware then it should be enabled by default, and for free, to allow people to get access to emergency information. I'm kind of surprised the FCC hasn't mandated something already.

That said I would only use the FM in an emergency, what currently passes for music on the radio doesn't interest me in the slightest. As for NPR and the like, I stream them.

Comment Re:Musk is full of shit (Score 2) 530

Butanol can use the existing gasoline/oil distribution infrastructure.

It has almost the same octane and air/fuel mix as gasoline so retrofitting older cars isn't needed. Its a renewable and could be carbon neutral once its production gets high enough.

Still not at the point where it is commercially viable but several companies are working on it. And the oil companies are already trying to kill any competition in the production of it.

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