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Comment Re:That level of wealth alone... (Score 2) 265

So if a technology doesn't work right now for everybody we should abandon it? This might be the wrong website for such a position. Teslas with autodrive are expensive now but the same has been true of every life-saving technological improvement at some point. In the late 70s early 80s would you have said "These ABS systems only benefit the rich. Fukkit and redirect the money to better drinking water"? That technology saves a ton of lives now. It's not Elon Musk's job to provide and legislate universal helmet access. If you think it is then I suggest that instead of posting stuff on the internet your time would be better spent raising money for more helmets.

Comment Old Man Syndrome (Score 1) 111

If you want someone to understand your meaning unambiguously across multiple platforms why not try grouping the subset of emojis call "text" together into repeatable and recognizable patterns called "words"?

If I'm depending on the ability of someone else's software to properly render my high-fiving cats (or whatever) and the fact that one cat turns out to have different whiskers than I intended means that people go to the wrong restaurant I'm probably "communicating" incorrectly.

Comment Re:Heat Wave Are Trigger Words (Score 1) 62

An example of loony was Al Gore claiming in 2005 sea levels would rise by a meter or more in 10 years unless we did what he told us and made him a billionaire.

You live in a very interesting parallel universe. Can you share more of your alternate history? It sounds fascinating and definitely an example of loony.

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