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Comment Re:Field dependent requirement (Score 1) 1086

I am now 58 years old and by some strange reason I have allways needed to use very advanced math in my work. Now my work has been in the Swedish defence industri for 28 years and I have never been involved in anything resembling IT. Only embedded computers in Swedish fighter aircafts and its weapon systems. Also RADAR signal and navigation alghorithms where Quaternions has been an essential skill that I had to learn. I have been fortunate to have good payed jobs that has been very interesting but then programming for me is just a way of expressing my solution to a technical problem. I have also worked with missile tech or what some would call rocket science. No math gives low salaries and very boring jobs.

The Courts

SCO v. Novell Goes To the Jury 67

Excelcia writes "Closing arguments in the six and a bit year old slander of title case between SCO and Novell occurred today and the case is finally in the hands of the jury. It's been an interesting case, with SCO alternately claiming that the copyrights to UNIX did get transferred to them, and that the copyrights should have been transferred to them. 'Judge Ted Stewart said, after the jury left to begin to deliberate, that in all his years on the bench, he's never seen such fine lawyering as in this case.' We're not going to find out the results until at least Tuesday, however, as one juror is taking a long weekend. Great lawyering notwithstanding, we can all hope next week that the Energizer bunny of all spurious lawsuits will finally go away."

Energy Star Program Certifies 15 Out of 20 Bogus Products 275

longacre writes "A Gasoline-Powered Alarm Clock was among 15 bogus products granted the coveted Energy Star seal of approval by the US Environmental Protection Agency during a secret evaluation conducted by the Government Accountability Office. In addition, four fictional manufacturers run by fake people and marketed with crummy websites — Cool Rapport (HVAC equipment), Futurizon Solar Innovations (lighting), Spartan Digital Electronics, and Tropical Thunder Appliances — were granted Energy Star partnerships. The root of the problem: Manufacturers need only submit photos and not actual examples of their products, and they submit their own efficiency ratings, which are not independently verified by the EPA."

Comment Re:A good idea for early detection of mental illne (Score 1) 389

Nice to learn that you are better.

In an earlier post I revealed that my spouse had a problem with psykosis episodes that started after her first childbirth. I noticed that before every episode she was unable to understand sarcasm and after a few episodes I used that to check her out by using sarcasm.

Interstingly, when she was completly well she understood sarcasm easily but in the very very beginning of an episode she wouldn't understand sarcasm and I used that as an indicator to get ready to help her out.

We no longer live together and she is an old woman now and all her psykosis episodes is just a memory and she is now very well.

I'm curious to learn if there was periods when you were able to understand sarcasm like my former spouse?

Comment Not just for dementia (Score 3, Interesting) 389

From my own experience I have noticed that people
in the very start of a psykosis episode also suffers from not beeing able to understand sarcasm.

This is before they show any real signs of the mental illness.

I lived together with a woman many years that had this kind of problems and I used sarcasm to check her up so to speak. It never failed to indicate when she was about to have a new episode and to be prepared to help her out.

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