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Comment Re:As I've said before... (Score 1) 379

Yes, "Wikipedia, as an idea, has a lot of promise", but human nature gets in the way. We are self-centered beings that corrupt the good ideas we want to do. Wikipedia has for the most part delivered on that promise and where it fails it assumes that people will always work for gathering and publishing the best information on a topic. Instead of people's own selfish agendas and egos get in the way. It is human nature. Wikipedia has enough bureaucracy already so I don't know what the answer is.

Comment Response to Mac OS X (Score 3, Interesting) 492

A lot of developers use Macs because of the Unix foundation and the nice interface. It makes it easy to develop applications and put them on a linux web server. I think Microsoft is doing this to provide a familiar Unix foundation for developers, and making it Ubuntu compatible may make it easier to use than the Max OS X.

Comment Not from scratch (Score 4, Informative) 167

Moonchild's proposal involves creating a new browser from scratch, in a so-called "re-forking" operation, where the Pale Moon devs take a newer version of Firefox and rebuild Pale Moon on top of that.

They are not building it from scratch. They will use a newer version of Firefox as a starting point. It is "re-forking". It is likely they will not use the latest version since they want to keep tab groups. Though it will be new code when compared to the old Palemoon.

Comment It is too late. (Score 4, Insightful) 113

With so many encryption options out there, why build your own. WebRTC in the chrome and firefox browsers require you to touch a server briefly to find the other party so to connect, and then you have a direct encrypted connection. They could easily use that or one of the many other options out there. All this talk about backdoors is a waste of time. The ship has already sailed. It is too late.

Comment Re:Right and Wrong (Score 1) 519

We are far apart, but I would hazard a guess that the Objectivism of Ayn Rand is more a minority viewpoint than my Christianity (which is not the moralistic legalism of many Americans). Maybe I am wrong. Both are views are minority viewpoints today, though on the topic of right and wrong I think most people would agree with my thinking because of the past influence of Christianity in Western World. I don't think objective selfishness will bring about world peace. I think altruism could if we could not be selfish, but selfishness is part of our nature and so it is a nonstarter for us. As I see it, the problem is I desire something; I then rationalize why I should have it; and then I take it. That does not bring about peace. That rationalization is flawed because I can not guarantee that my reason will be impartial and perfect. I am not certain if it ever can be.

Note from the book you recommended, I made an assumption that you follow the teachings of Ayn Rand. Correct me if I am wrong.

Comment Re:Right and Wrong (Score 1) 519

I believe there is a solution to our selfish brokenness. We can not fix ourselves but God can. God loves each and every one of us. He desires that we would all be fixed without turning us into little robots. Because of what Jesus has done for us, we can have new lives and live in love. Though we are not yet perfect, you can see many people around the world, who follow Jesus, are working to make things right. Followers of Jesus are in the process of being fixed themselves. We, followers, are not there yet. I know that I am a better and more loving person today than who I was 20 years ago. I am still broken but God is at work in me making me better. That is what I have experienced.

Comment Right and Wrong (Score 1) 519

All this talk about evil means there is some definition of evil that has at its foundation the belief in right and wrong. We all have our definitions, but in general we agree for the most part what is right and what is wrong. We tend save the term evil for the worst and most blatant wrongdoing though you can argue that subtle wrong doing and wrong thinking can be evil too. No one is free from wrongdoing. The problem is we all have this tendency to be selfish and self-centered and that makes our wrong doing easy to do and easy to rationalize our wrong doing. The problem with evil is right in front of us or in us. We are the problem. We all hurt people. We are broken and messed up, because we do not always live up to the ideals of right living that we aspire to. People through out the ages have tried fix ourselves and produce a utopian society of well behaved people. They all have failed. Some have had some good ideas, but I believe they fail to get to the root of the problem, our selfishness. We are able to dream of utopia, where everyone is well behaved and loved, and everyone works for the common good, but we are not able to achieve that. Our self-centeredness is the real evil.

Comment Large Majority Believes Climate Change is Happen (Score 2) 737

A survey from 5 years ago found that a large majority of Americans (75%) believe in human caused warming of the atmosphere.

When respondents were asked if they thought that the earth’s temperature probably had been heating up over the last 100 years, 74 percent answered affirmatively. And 75 percent of respondents said that human behavior was substantially responsible for any warming that has occurred.


Fully 86 percent of our respondents said they wanted the federal government to limit the amount of air pollution that businesses emit, and 76 percent favored government limiting business’s emissions of greenhouse gases in particular.


Large majorities opposed taxes on electricity (78 percent) and gasoline (72 percent) to reduce consumption. But 84 percent favored the federal government offering tax breaks to encourage utilities to make more electricity from water, wind and solar power.

And huge majorities favored government requiring, or offering tax breaks to encourage, each of the following: manufacturing cars that use less gasoline (81 percent); manufacturing appliances that use less electricity (80 percent); and building homes and office buildings that require less energy to heat and cool (80 percent).

So Americans are in favor of tax incentives but are against tax increases to solve the problem. The debate needs to shift to dealing with solutions and promoting solutions now. The longer we wait the more the unpopular choices will be needed. We need to highlight to the politicians that the public is in favor of tax incentives and by opposing these measures they are in the minority and are less electable.

Comment Accuately read my mind (Score 1) 276

To give me search results that accurately are what I meant to type and not what I did type. And a bonus would be if it would accurately know better than me what I am looking for an give me those results. In other words read my mind and correctly anticipate when I am wrong and still give me the correct answer.

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