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Comment Re:Better Place (Score 1) 378

Somewhen around 1900...
You want to convert the country to running that silly carriage thing with a loud stinky engine? You want to ship the fuel from wells all the way from Texas to New York, when we've got fields growing hay right outside the city? Furthermore, where are you going to put all those things? Horses fit conveniently in stalls, and you can put several stalls alongside each other and across from each other in a long hallway. Can you do that with your carriage toy? I don't think so.
Furthermore, what happens when you go to another city? You'll need those fuel dispensing places all over the place to prevent your gizmo from running out of fuel.
Take a look at the whole problem...

OK, so I'm screwing around, but if we've already built several national infrastructures (highway system, power grid, cable TV, gasoline infrastructure, cell phone network, natural gas, etc...) why do people suddenly think it can't be done again? Of course it won't get done over night. None if it ever is. But the country woke up one morning and discovered that everyone was driving cars. Provide a cheaper way to use energy and the profit is built in. You use the proceeds from the profit to build out your infrastructure. You know, like has been done many, many times in the past century.

Comment This was promised two decades ago... (Score 1) 148

NT was going to be ported to everything. MIPS, DEC Alpha (No love for you VAX people), and the IBM Mainframe.
It made it onto the Alpha, I think. Sort of. Now Windows is brought in to the mainframe, but not as a conqueror displacing System/360. It is brought in wearing chains, in a cage, by System/360's grandson.

Comment Re:Thanks, Space Shuttle (Score 1) 227

For starters, taxes paid aren't allocated to whatever wishing well you think they should go into. Federal taxes go into the general fund, so it's not like NASA's going to be getting a check from SpaceX. Secondly, it's not like SpaceX isn't doing a ton of R&D and taking a lot of risks. Thirdly, I hope that SpaceX has a talented accounting team that allows them to maximize their return on investment, including taking all applicable tax deductions. If you don't like companies taking tax deductions, blame the politicians that create them, not the companies that take them.

Comment Re:What other products (Score 1) 1019

It's a classic case of bipartisan stupidity. The Democrats pass a law giving the government essentially unlimited power a) to bankrupt you and b) to push an agenda. So when the Republicans next take power, everyone will be required to buy a firearm for home defense. The requirement that everyone should buy and read a bible will fail, however.
When the Democrats take power after that, RU-486 will be required.
When the Republicans take power after that, everyone will be required to take a class in Constitutional Law taught only by Tea Party certified instructors.
Democrats will then seize on the service (as opposed to a good) expansion the Republicans created and require everyone to purchase (or fund) an abortion.
At that point, everyone grabs their Republican-mandated firearms and we descend into direct civil war.

Comment Soure code Source code Source code... (Score 1) 228

I want to up date my G-Tablet with ice cream sandwich. I'll also need some display drivers. I'm looking at you, NVidia.

(disclaimer: I'm a lazy parasite who has great toys because I benefit from the fruits of the labor of others. I don't actually need the source code and drivers, the awesome devs who breath new life into the G-Tablet on a monthly basis are the ones who will need them. Thank you all so much for your amazing efforts).

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