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Journal Journal: Sanctimonous crone.

Some sanctimonious crone sat next to me on the train this morning. Today, I was reading a pdf on my laptop, (something I do infrequently), so I sat my empty coffee cup (paper with a lid, from home) on the floor next to my computer bag.

As I took my headphones out of my ears in preparation for my stop, she muttered something I didn't quite catch. So I answered "Pardon?".

Her comment was "This isn't a legal dumping ground.". This puzzled me for a moment. She was insinuating that I planned to leave the cup behind.

I clumsily answered "I always take my cup with me, as I use it throughout the day at the office for refills, and toss it there.".

Her answer indicated that she did not believe me.

These days I'm pretty sensitive to people thinking bad things about me, even if they're untrue. (I guess I'm more self aware than I used to be.) But attempting to control what other people think is pointless.

It did make me question whether I also assume the worst of the people I see on the train.

So far as I know, in the 12 years I've ridden the MAX, I haven't left any garbage behind.

In retrospect, I could have said back "Then what are you doing here? You look like trash!". But escalating rudeness wouldn't gain me anything. Did make me chuckle later in the morning though.

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Journal Journal: Single instance store, and CentOS.

Things have gone full circle. I've become interested in the "single instance store" concept again. (ErOS, CoyoteOS, CapOS?)
My reactions to installing a recent release of CentOS were mixed. Linux distros have become just as confusing and bloated as anything that ever creeped out of Redmond. Blech.

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Journal Journal: One more week on the road.

I need a sticker for my laptop that reads: My other laptop is a Mac.

I do miss iWeb when I'm on the road.

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Journal Journal: Slowdown in August.

From my point of view, it looks like things will slow down in August. Most of the heavy business we're working on now will close by then. I am looking forward to some less frantic time. I'm tired, and I've been on the road way too much lately.

I bounced this comment off the other storage engineer in my office, and he feels like there are many small projects to be worked, that I didn't know about. We'll see. My Napa customer may also re-up.

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Journal Journal: Apple now carries its own Kryptonite.

Jobs is showing his age. Apple products now feature Intel processors. So much for the young, hip, think different campaign.

Is there any compelling mystery left?

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Journal Journal: Sun StorEdge 6130 is not a good choice for AIX 5.3.

I've spent the last two weeks at a customer site implementing a new backup server.

Today, one of the storage admins did some testing and wiped the system out.

I won't know until tomorrow if I've lost any work.

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Journal Journal: Keep on keeping on.

Yes, I realize that I've only made a few entries here in a year. But my life has been that busy.

Today I'm catching up on old assignments, pondering the two weeks of onsite work, and checking on the job opportunities in my region.

I don't have any specific plan to leave this job, but it would be nice to have a landing spot picked out in case I need it.

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Journal Journal: Changes in my work environment.

I heard through the grapevine yesterday, that one of the engineers that I work with had a bad week. He is considering throwning in the towel before things get any worse.

Changes in the work environment provide opportunities. But sometimes too much change is just too much.

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Journal Journal: Refuge from a shrinking world.

I logged in to manila sites the other day, and received notice that my blog over there is going away. Bummer. But free things don't last forever.

My life is getting way to spread out anyway. Time to regroup and start getting some part of it under control.

Today, I'm listening to a bit of AYWKUBTTOD. Good stuff so far.

I grilled some meat pucks, and made a pot of coffee.

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Journal Journal: A brand new day.

(My other blog isn't working today, so I'll post here instead.)

Monday was the first day at the new job. It was also the first day the new office was open for use. I went in and picked a cubicle, and signed up for a parking permit.

Being treated like an adult instead of cattle was a refreshing experience.

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Journal Journal: Fun at the OSCON.

Ok, you're at OSCON, and you're stinking blog is offline, but you really feel like you'd like to make an entry.

What can you do? Post to slashdot as a anonymous coward, and hope no one notices you're post until you can get home and cut-n-paste it to somewhere more permanent.

I'm here, with only a "exibit only" pass rubbing elbows with geeks from all over, that I have never met. Reminds me of all those "World of Commodore" meetings I went to in the 80s.

I'm having a fairly good time drinking hefeweizen (wheat beer) and listening to the conversations around me. The exhibitors are a bit of a letdown, but that isn't surprising. What on earth is there to get excited about?

The "terminal room" is completely full of Apples. How can people so quickly forget that Apple would have liked to see the whole PC movement die a quick death? Apple is more like Microsoft than they'd like to admit. Remember that next time you use your PCI based system. (Apple would have us all using closed "nubus" stuff if they had their way.)

I was standing in front of the EFF booth, and Wil Wheaton drifted up. Funny. Wil didn't ever get any bigger.

I'm off to a party in an hour. Hopefully things will pick up there.


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