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Comment Re:Recursive? No, very iterative. (Score 0) 622

A language can't be fast or slow, that's up to the platform. I can compile java the language into a binary. Likewise I can run a C app in real mode DOS that requires expanded memory access and it would be very slow compared to an platform that has access to 64 bits of memory.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 348

They don't any more. At most startup companies they can't afford a typical bureaucratic IT department. Many use cloud hosting to avoid up-front cap-ex in terms of data centers and the people that work in them. Developers are typically managing their own servers, their own NOSQL cluster, they bring their own iPhones, gPhones, xPads, etc. People are becoming increasingly more comfortable with technology and old-school IT departments are no longer enablers, but barriers as their mindsets and their technology pale in comparison to the consumer sector.

Comment Re:Great a new boom. (Score 0) 253

People like to pretend that CS grads are working on operating systems kernels and developing new algorithms, but the reality is that most people on a day-to-day basis are working on a typical line-of-business record keeping system with reports that used to be done in Excel.

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