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Submission + - Can my browser speak to your browser? (

mikejuk writes: This could be a revolution about to happen.
The W3C have a working group defining an API for real time and P2P communiction between browsers — without a server gettting in the way. This would allow one browser to talk to another directly and share photos, music, audio. In fact it lets your browser become a phone.
This is the return to how personal computing used to be before big servers farms returned us tot he days of the mainframe. A realtime P2P API for browsers could transform the landscape and re-establish a non-centralized architecture.

Comment Re:major "new" features? (Score 1) 95

Spotify isn't an online music store; it started out as a music streaming service. They are actually doing very well, I've been using Spotify for over a year now and can't even imagine going back to anything else. The Spotify client allows me to purchase mp3's, manage my local library which I ripped from my CD's, and gives me a mind bogglingly huge array of music ready to sream at any time.

I strongly recommend you give it a try. Dont listen to the naysayers; people who complain about the recent restrictions on free accounts should really consider that a subscription which grants [b]unlimited[/b] access costs $5/month.

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