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Submission + - Big brother's cellphone data. (

PieterBr writes: "(translated from the German article)

Grünen politician "Malte Spitz" obtained six months of cellphone data from the telecom which he madeavailable to Zeit Online. Using this data, you can follow all his movements during this period. The spatial data we have also linked to the information available freely online from the life of Deputies (Twitter, blog entries and web pages).

With the Play button to start journey through Malte Spitz's life. With the speed control you can adjust the speed or stop at any point with the pause button. In addition to the calendar below it shows when he was still in this place. At the same time any point in time can be controlled. Each vertical column represents a day."

Comment It's just to to make things "fair". (Score 4, Insightful) 276

Bookstore owners have to pay sales tax. Amazon doesn't have to. End result: said store owner goes bankrupt because Amazon has a competitive advantage because of tax differences. More unemployment and less tax-income for the state because of less sales-tax income AND because less people have a job. So actually this means a smaller amount of people have to cough up the taxes the state needs, while if you have regional businesses, all that is smeared out over more people. This is just plugging a loophole.

Comment The Researchers have it all wrong. (Score 1) 462

If I get a game, I really want to give it a chance. But the majority of games are just real bad. The 4-5 hours is the time I play a game before I decide that it's a really bad game never to be played again. Of course even bad games have their followers that insist on playing it till the end.

Comment Choose death? (Score 1) 629

I'm from the Netherlands. Although heavily crowded we have about the safest roads in the world (together with Norway and England). This is not because the Dutch are such good drivers, but the chances for being caught speeding or driving red lights are very high. If it would all stop and instead prevent all murders and other similar unnatural deaths in our country, we wouldn't save the amount of lives as are being saved by being strict about traffic. So in my opinion the measures against speeding are good and I can't understand why they would get taken away.
(On the other hand: private parties getting a cut from the fines? Only in Amerika)

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