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Comment Re:seems a bit extreme (Score 1) 74

I've also been to Cambodia/Thailand several times. Yes they are cheap countries to live, but they all seemed to live quality life there. The other TPB admin had a rent of $750 per country on Phnom Penh's most touristy street. Remember that people usually make around $30 per month there, if even that. It's also much higher than what the cheapest apartments in Sweden are.

They obviously made lots of money running the site and then ran to live in beautiful countries (in Cambodia's case to use drugs) with their millions.

Comment Face recognition (Score 0) 95

How long until Google starts using this for face recognition? It already has all the images of the internet indexed and is trying to make their own social network Google+ with profile pics and hidden party photos. How long until Google starts using this to recognize faces "to improve targeted ads"?

Comment Microsoft cares about privacy (Score 4, Insightful) 558

I don't really understand what people are crying about. Microsoft has said that they will try to make IE10 better for users and this is one of the features implemented to enable that. Note that Microsoft itself owns an advertising network and is part of the advertising committee - it's that much that Microsoft wants to protect their users.

Of course, Microsoft's actions aren't new. They have always cared about privacy. Their tracking and beta debugging has always been opt-in. This in unlike Google where you often cannot even opt-out, and it's never opt-in in any case.

Microsoft simply cares about users privacy and advertisers are crying about it. Too bad for them, I say. Advertisers on TV manage to work without any tracking, it should work on the internet too.

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