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Comment Re:Northern countries fare better (Score 1) 382

That's because you will freeze to death in cold climates if you don't look out for one another.

Living in a place where a blizzard can strand you in your car tends to make people a lot more considerate of others. Just last week about 300 people got stranded on a highway in Montreal:

Comment Re:So, tables? (Score 1) 87

What kind of data are you displaying where it doesn't matter if you show it as a 10x10 grid (aka, a table of 10 rows and 10 columns) or as a list (aka, a table of 1 column and an infinite number of rows, which in this case I guess would be 100.)?

Data != a website layout. CSS Grids are designed for displaying layouts, tables are designed for displaying data.

Or where you can simply exclude or rearrange some rows/columns and not lose anything?

Every time you build a responsive layout you do this.

CSS Grid allows you to organize content and re-arrange the layout for the screen it's being displayed on. This allows a website to be optimal on all devices. That's the biggest advantage but it stretches a lot farther than that.

You can't turn a 10x10 table into a 4x25 table. CSS Grid lets you do that and then some. That's why it's a big deal and that's why it's not just tables 2.0.

Comment Re:So, tables? (Score 1) 87

A bit more? It's like comparing a rowboat to an ocean linear.

How do those tables work in a responsive layout? How much mark up do you need to create a table layout vs the same thing with a CSS grid layout? Is the table layout completely independent from it's content?

It's not that structuring things in a way that was similar to a table was a problem, it's that tables were woefully inadequate. That lead people to using floats, which were really meant for having text float around images. Now we have flexbox for general content and grids for overall page construction. With these tools, the web might be mature enough that we don't need a whole new system every 5 years.

Comment Re:About that shiny new feature... (Score 2) 87

BootStrap's grid layout uses floats to achieve a grid. CSS grid is an actual CSS specification built around creating grids in the browser window. It's incredibly useful for web apps and also makes web design much more similar to print design.

A good site for learning how to use CSS Grids:

Comment Re:So, tables? (Score 1) 87

Flexbox works nothing like the table element. They're not even remotely similar.

CSS Grid is similar to the table element, except it eliminates all the problems associated with and makes web design much more similar in approach to print design. As someone that has gone from table layouts to float layouts to flex layouts and recently started using css grid layouts, I can say emphatically that no one gave up and went backwards.

It's incredibly exciting to see these tools in the wild. To have them derided and wrongfully labelled as rehashes of the woefully inadequete the table element is not only counter productive, it's also incredibly wrong.

Comment Re:"Labor Shortage" (Score 1) 477

Except talent is bullshit. Don't push the mythical creator nonsense where people are born with certain abilities or they aren't. What people call talent is actually a person's persistence in pursuing a skill and being passionate enough about it to become an expert. The easiest way to show this kind of progression is through visual artists: Artists don't wake up one day being talented, they spend decades improving their craft. The same applies to any skill, including abstract thinking. Anyone can have a talent for abstract thought, they just need the interest and dedication to improve that skill.

Comment Re:I did a complete 180 on AV software (Score 4, Informative) 231

AV software forging SSL certificates is downright baffling. A client of mine kept having his website marked as insecure despite having an SSL certificate and all tests showing it was working properly. Turns out it was a false positive from his AV software and there's literally nothing you can do about it besides telling someone to uninstall their AV.

Comment Re:so we single folks (Score 4, Informative) 179

This is such a bizarre and staunchly American attitude. In Canada you automatically get 17 weeks paid leave when having a child. You can also take an unpaid parental leave for up to 35 weeks and your employer cannot penalize you in any way for taking these leaves. The Canadian government is currently look at increasing the paid leave and applying it more equally to men and women in the future as the current system is felt to be inadequate.

Typically when someone goes on parental leave in my workplace a new employee is brought on temporarily under contract to "pick up the slack". If you choose not to have children or are not in a position to have children well then that's just too bad for you. Raising children is a huge commitment, both in time and money and there absolutely should be support from government and business to make major life events like this easier. It also encourages new mothers to do what's best for their health and the baby's by staying home and taking care of the newborn.

As someone from the outside looking in, the American system seems downright barbaric and more companies need to be doing what American Express is.

Comment Re:Flappy birds clone (Score 5, Informative) 88

Nintendo's survival does not hinge on a $10 mobile game. Not even close. Your post and this article are poorly informed and borderline inflammatory.

Nintendo's future largely depends on the success of the Switch but even if that goes belly up, Nintendo still has plenty of cash in the bank so stop with the doom and gloom nonsense.

Comment Re:Lovely...with no pressing issues... (Score 1) 135

No there shouldn't be a referendum. Our electoral system needs to be updated and the average Canadian either doesn't care enough to do the research or is too easily swayed by political propaganda to make effective decisions. We need some form of proportional representation with run off ballots so we don't get another shit head like Harper elected because the Liberal / NDP / Green voters (who are the majority of Canadians) aren't stuck with a party and a prime minister that only acquired ~40% of the vote. I also don't see how the Liberal policy decisions are more out of touch than the Conservatives who basically bet everything on big oil, silenced scientists, implemented policies that made the rich richer and tried to bend, break and bully their way through everything that stood in there way, including the Canadian Judicial system. I'm only saying this about the Federal Liberals though. In contrast, I think the Ontario Liberals should serve jail time for the gross incompetence they've displayed.

Comment Re:Better be ready to be beat up when layed off wo (Score 1) 541

I think the point some people are trying to make is the average slashdot user has multiple interests and could easily fill their time with passion projects. The average person however might list their interests as watching TV, sleeping in, re-enacting episodes of jackass and McDonalds. Universal basic income would likely be of little help to people like that.

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