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Comment Re:Novelty will wear off (Score 4, Insightful) 174

The Wii craze that basically lasted 5 years and resulted in record number of sales and some absolute classic games? Yeah, I remember it. And I still play my Wii. I haven't played it but Pokemon GO is going to be many people's first dose of augmented reality and that's going to give it a lot of staying power.

Comment Re:Ahem (Score 1) 67

This is exactly why I stopped reading Facebook. I got tired of seeing shitty clickbait articles and "trending" stories about Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift. These things are not interesting or relevant to me and being constantly bombarded by them just pissed me off. It's unfortunate Instagram is following this trend as what's there works perfectly fine for me as is. I want my feed organized in a manor I deem useful, not one that arranges things by popularity which in my opinion is the most useless metric possible.

Comment Re:Garmin saw it coming (Score 1) 146

Garmin has been doing fitness tracking for a very long time now so it's not surprising they have all their bases covered. Their watches are among the best and put FitBit's offerings to shame. Not that I think this lawsuit has any merit though; unless FitBit actually advertises their watches as flawless health trackers.

Regardless of the device, measurements are not always going to be exact because of a variety of factors and HR monitors are notoriously finicky.

Comment Re:Jason Bourne - "Official Trailer!!!11!" (Score 1) 97

That's because Youtube is now flooded with fan made trailers for things that are either in production or fans wish were in production. There's also people that use popular media as a front to push their own random videos/channels/products/agendas. Youtube is a giant dumpster now and you need some way of separating yourself from the "new json bournn trailler!!111" clones trying to leech attention for their own gains.

Comment Re:No - precedents can point in opposite direction (Score 2) 250

See my other post. That's not how it works. Lawyers put a spin on pass judgements and then the judge decides who more accurately interpreted past judgements or how well it applies to the case at hand. It's not lying, it's reframing the facts to suit their argument. Of course it's absolute horseshit but it stops short of outright lying. The law system does not work the way you think it works.

Comment Re:Maybe Apple just has the better position? (Score 4, Insightful) 250

Having been involved in a lawsuit with a city before I can say it's not "lying" about precedents but rather how you can spin precedents to suit your arguments.

The DOJ will pull every case they can and try to say it applies for X reason. Then Apple will try to argue it doesn't apply for X reason and potentially these other cases are more relevant for X reason. The DOJ will respond, then Apple will respond, then they go to court and the judge acts like an irate asshole to both sides as they present their arguments. Then the judge will deliberate over which precedents actually apply to the case and typically say who is right based on some random court case that happened 20 years ago and has little to do with the current situation.

The legal system is a bit of a joke in my opinion. You don't get penalized for bullshit. The system actually encourages you to throw as much shit at the wall just to see what sticks.

Comment Re:Well, I'm shocked ... (Score 1) 65

The weird part is I actually like Twitter. I find it much more useful and much less invasive than Facebook which has turned into a massive echo chamber for middle aged mothers that love Buzz Feed articles. There should be a viable business model there so I don't understand why they are floundering so hard.

Comment Re:Not my money, yet (Score 1) 467

It was not well written or even remotely subtle. In fact, I think it's the worst written Star Wars movie ever made. The entire plot relies on a massive string of convenient events. It's like they made up a bunch of action sequences, strapped it all together and started filming. The fact that it's a near retread of A New Hope makes it all the worse.

Time will not be kind to this movie. There's too many problems with it... too many things that don't make sense even for a Star Wars movie. I'd actually welcome another round of prequels over this.

Comment Re: Get some perspective. (Score 1) 352

You're essentially arguing that amateur work is professional because it serves a professional purpose. I can get my brother's nephew's cousin who took a design class once to make me a flyer but that doesn't make it professional. Even if I use it to market my business, that in itself doesn't make it professional. Professional work is done by a pro, not by someone who downloaded a program, dropped in some clip art and spent 10 minutes trying to decide between Papyrus or Comic Sans for the text.

All the examples you've given can be done in MS Word, just like html pages can be built in word. That doesn't mean Word is good enough for 99% of actual professional design work, much like GIMP isn't either.

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 352

You're part of the problem then. CMYK is absolutely essential and having an image editing program that doesn't support CMYK is like having a database without data types. There is no opposition to this. All image editing software should support RGB and CMYK at a minimum.

Likewise, having a UI that is at least as functional as Photoshop's would be a huge step forward. Professional designers spend a lot of time using image editing software and having a hacked together UI like GIMP's makes the program completely irrelevant.

There absolutely is a way to listen to users. Start with the professional designers who use this type of software daily and work your way down through the different groups of people that have distinct uses for image editing software. Create UI groups and tools that cater to each segment.

As it is, I don't feel GIMP would be appealing to anyone. It's too complicated for the novice, the UI is too clunk for the pro and it lacks essential features like CMYK which means it's not even a consideration for most creative workflows. The only segment of people GIMP seems to appeal to or is targeted at is open source zealots that have their head in the sand.

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