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Comment Re:It already exists! (Score 1) 389

It really depends. Where I work, parking is awful and I have to walk 5 blocks from a parking garage to my building, because all the parking garages near my building are full and have a long waiting list (apparently the waiting list is 20 years long for the better parking). Meanwhile, the bus only takes 5 more minutes than driving, and it drops me half a block from my building. So in some cases, busses can be literally faster. To be fair, it also helps that I'm only half a block from a main road, and that busline happens to go directly to my workplace.

Comment Re:When did PC+TV take off? (Score 1) 139

You're confusing HTPCs and using panels designed as TVs for computer monitors. We're talking about people who stick a 32" monitor (or larger) on the wall in front of their desk in their office, vs putting a computer under the TV in your living room. While the components are the same, the ergonomics are different.

Comment Re:I don't get the perspective issue. (Score 1) 189

The game was initially advertised as a first-person-only multiplayer game. People liked the idea of a first-person-only mech game.

Problem with 3rd person is that it kills a lot of strategy and decisions inherit to a first person only game. An easy example, in a first-person-only game, you can hide behind a rock and be completely hidden. The only way to see what's on the other side of the rock is to walk around the rock (this goes for both the person hiding AND the any attackers). With 3rd person mode, you can simply rotate your camera angle around and check what's on the other side of the rock without having to poke your head around. This in effect makes any scouting roles less useful, since you don't need to scout around objects any more, just swing your camera around.

Comment Re:My goodness (Score 1) 417

Far better to just say nothing (or "I don't know, officer" to a direct question like "Do you know how fast you were going?").

No! Don't say "I don't know!". If you need to say something to avoid looking like a mute idiot, ask "am I free to go?" and then follow up with "am I being detained?" and finally "please let me know when I am free to go". If they ask for ID, of course give it to them, but beyond that, keep doing that in a loop until they get the hint that you're not talking.

Comment Re:I agree (Score 2) 564

Many people live together in social units called "families" and may own more than one car. Most families don't need multiple cars that can go on several hundred mile road trips on a regular basis. The majority of people's drive is to and from work and the store, which electric vehicles have more than enough range to accomplish.

What will probably end up happening is families will get 1 expensive to run gas powered car for road trips (and commuting for one of the spouses), and another electric vehicles for the other spouse's daily commuting traffic. Even so, it might eventually be cheaper to just rent a gas car whenever you want to go on a road trip if electric cars get cheap enough.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 599

Here is the wikipedia article on Solar energy. From the article:

The total solar energy absorbed by Earth's atmosphere, oceans and land masses is approximately 3,850,000 exajoules (EJ) per year. In 2002, this was more energy in one hour than the world used in one year.

If you do the math, at 10% efficency, you need to cover less than 1% of the earth's land mass in solar panals. In other words, put solar panals on every single building, and you can power the world.

Comment Re:Good Riddens (Score 4, Informative) 286

KVM is not so much a Type-1 Hypervisor, as it is a "jail" for the Linux kernel.

It does have a great utility, especially for hosting isolations and for just-in-time host creation.

But is is just NOT a real, NuMA aware, scheduling sensitive Hypervisor with a cluster awareness for capacity management, etc.

KVM is a type-1 hypervisor. I can't believe somebody with 3 digit UID is posting this misinformed crap.

Comment Re:FCC Moves To Boost Wireless Speeds (Score 2) 40

If you have 20 people on that 150mbps wireless network pushing around data, you're lucky if you can get 5mbps out of it. In reality, it'll be a lot slower. With gigabit you can push around data a lot faster with lots of clients.

The other use case is wireless bridges with directional antennas, although you'd probably use 60Ghz for that.

Comment Re:If SSd is nearly full? (Score 1) 267

If you use TRIM, then your drive will know what parts of the disk are empty, and what parts are not. With wear leveling, the SSD will always write to free blocks with the most write cycles available first, and it will just remap blocks in whatever order it wants (blocks don't need to be in linear order like on HDDs). I think they start moving data around once the cells get to the end of their write cycles or it thinks drive is full (no TRIM or the drive is actually full).

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