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Comment Parent of a coding nerd and a language nerd (Score 1) 328

While I see the thinly veiled attempt to push coders further into a commodity, this is wrong at so many levels. My oldest son loves to code, is "multi-lingual", and understands that his learned languages are just a method of expressing how to solve a problem. He understands that being able to code is a tool for solving problems, not the ultimate end. My younger son loves foreign languages, and couldn't care less about coding. His STEM subject scores are perfect, so it's not the lack of ability to grasp technical concepts are solve complex problems. He plans on solving problems by using understanding the nuances of international situations (business, political, whatever) through his knowledge of human language.

Different people have different interests - Disney has made a nice living, as have all the various social media outlets who are likely right behind this as well, telling the human story or more appropriately taking advantage of it for profit. They should understand that reducing a generation to low-paid commodity coders does not play to their future best interest of selling their products.

Comment Little early to be calling Trump's bluff (Score 1) 320

Seems a bit more than coincidence that GM announces layoffs the day after the election. Their way of letting people know that this is good old capitalism, and there is little the politicians can actually do about it. When (if..) Trump does hit GM with a 35% tariff for pieces/parts imported from Mexico will it make Japanese car manufacturers that build here more competitive? Irony will be when he drives the US car makers out of business with his lack of understanding of anything more complex than building hotels.

Comment Re:Less Space than a Nomad. (Score 1) 361

I have a late '13 MBP, came with 8 GB of RAM (company policy at the time). I'm pretty amazed on how well it runs even when fairly well loaded down. Having a SSD hanging off a PCIe bus makes caching so quick that even at low RAM levels the MBP runs really well. That said, 16 GB of RAM is pretty silly, it's not that expensive and it's not that big, which is kind of important in the "no room for air" approach the MBPs take.

Comment Google surveillance = NSA surveillance (Score 1) 91

This is why I don't put devices like the Nest products in my house - it's bad enough to have my smoke detectors track you and likely report back your position to Google, I can't imagine why anyone would want every household conversation sent to Google as well. The upside is Google lets you know they are watching you all the time, where it is unknown with gov't organizations

Comment And there was an Earth shattering "ga-boing"! (Score 1) 173

When a fully inflated lighter than air-ship crashes, does it bounce?

This is what used to be LEMV (long endurance multi-intelligence vehicle). Very expensive attempt at long-loiter reconnaissance. Cost the US tax payer many many millions, and was cancelled and the thing was sold back the original builder for $301k. Reminds me of the telcom bubble back in the early 2000's except this was a bubble of helium.

Oh, and the helium thing - possibly overrated - more found: Also it can be a by-product of natural gas production, just a low percentages.

Comment What OS X was (Score 5, Interesting) 376

I recently built a new home machine and bit the bullet and used 10. My user base (the family) are just that - users. They don't care what they are running as long as it's running and safe. That said, running on a gen 4 i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM and an SSD (which is probably the true magic) it runs amazingly well. I shut off everything (Cortana etc) during the install - was easy to do. I'm sure I missed some things, but I'll get back to those at some point. Getting back to my subject line, my main work computer runs OS X; been using Apple products for 8 years now and used to be a major fan, but am getting sick of the OS. The walled garden was fine several iterations of ago of OS X - it provided a nice stable work environment (still is stable), had easy access to Unix-like functionality when needed (love my grep), and the laptop hardware could not be beat - still using a 6 year old Macbook pro and it's still a great piece of gear. That said the walls of the garden started to collapse a few years ago, and the patches they've been putting up are ugly and poorly functioning. Things like iTunes (which is forbidden on the home Windows machines) and the Photos app are insanely painful to use and seem to go out of their way to keep you from your own media. The Windows 10 hook - as one example, it was trivial to set up a decent file structure that is accessible in many ways to the owner of those files, and it organized in a way that makes sense. It may be that I grew up in a DOS world and that impacted my thinking - most likely reason. That said 10 provides a solid user experience, similar to what I used to like about OS X. It was pretty easy to configure to look like a classic Win interface, I've had no complaints from my user community (the fam). Why not Linux? I don't have the time to play Linux admin for the house, and no one else is inclined to do so. My nerd cred runs deep (optical communications systems development), but the computer is a tool, not a task for me and this is doubly true with my Win 10 users.

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