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Submission + - Vista's Little-Known Recovery Strategies

An anonymous reader writes: Amid the debate about just how robust Vista's security really is, it's clear that Microsoft has amply outfitted the OS with lots of backup and recovery tools. Perhaps most useful is an update of the Bootcfg command-line utility from Windows XP. In Vista, it's called Bootrec and it can rebuild a bad BCD (boot configuration data) store, obviating the need for a time-consuming reinstall. How do you think Microsoft's recovery strategies compare to those in Mac OS X, which seem to be less available to the user, but also less necessary?
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Journal Journal: zogger

I abandoned Slashdot for a couple months (I do have a job, you know) and came back to find an incomplete conversation in a closed topic. I can't let that go, so I'm gonna post it here.

oh well, I tried to be reasonable. And I don't think it's because you don't get it, you obviously do, you just have this idea that someone elses viewpoint and choice makes them an asshole, because it's not your choice. Pretty broadbrush viewpoint you have there.

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