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Comment Re:"Professional Agitators"? (Score 1) 541

Also, very classy of the NYPD to do a public smearing of people who show their abuses to the public. They'll happily invade your privacy at random, but don't you dare film them while they abuse people on your dollar!

You have to remember...these posters have been up for quite a while. "The Alyona Show" on RT has interviewed these two on her show and brings this up several times a week. You also have to remember that along with these two "agitators"...this is the police department which has traveled all over the Eastern half of the US looking for the big/bad Islamic terrorists. Then you have a columnist I believe from the Post who believes the NYPD is doing the best job in the world and stands up for their gestapo tactics at the behest of Darth Bloomberg.

The problem is you have way too many people who are more than willing to support the authorities hurting/killing those willing to take these bigots/morons on and calling what they are doing is wrong. Damn your civil rights and your opinions. As long as those in power have theirs and can keep their money/make more...frack you and the protest horse you're riding.

Comment Re:Tough times (Score 1) 312

I'm a supporter of SETI in principle, though I can't say I've ever supported it materially (other than a brief run at SETI@home when I was in university). Unfortunately I think it's simply a matter of priorities during economic downturn.

I would post a suggestion that when you have 46% of the American population being fundamentalist sheep who believe that creationism is science...what more can be expected from almost a majority who believe actual science only comes from the Bible? For heaven's's these 46% who believe that their Jesus was riding a dinosaur and the universe as we know it is only 6000 years old. Do you expect more from morons who would never believe there are aliens...even if they were shown one while being probed?

Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 1201

After all, the richest people are also the smartest, wisest, and most moral people in the country. How else do you think they got rich, if not by being the superior human beings?

Bu!!sh!t! There are several studies out there which show too many managers are there by kissing a$$...birth or blackmail. It's not because they are any smarter/wiser/moral than anyone/anything else. The studies show just the opposite. Usually the managers need to have a fall guy in place to keep their job because more often than not...the manager is the idiot in the group. It it were ability...where would you get the peons who would do the actual work?

Comment Re:Employer could always be nice (Score 3, Insightful) 380

In the end all my good conduct and proper attitude did not save my job. Doing the right thing usually does not assures you that somehow you will get not get screwed if it makes cash sense to someone. So yes, its not nice to walk out with some info but then most employers see you as cattle, so you might as well grow some horns.

I worked at a job years ago which was going through a merger. Because of this...during the weekly meeting it was mentioned the IT department didn't want to face another $250,000 fine from the BSA that year for pirated software. Of course...all the contractors they had working were running tons of pirated well as some of the employees. When I was handed my walking papers two weeks after first call was to the BSA. Don't know what happened to these employees or company...but I ended up with a better paying contract job I loved three days later...even though my contract wasn't renewed six months later because of the economy.

The funniest part was this company I was fired from didn't lock me out for several I could have done some damage...but didn't. Companies don't take due diligence...they deserve whatever happens to them.

Comment Re:Employer could always be nice (Score 2) 380

Your actions will get around to other companies.

Not necessarily. A lot of companies are too concerned about lawsuits to say anything other than job title and start/end dates. They blacklist you at their company, of course, but there's not a lot of interest in informing other companies; just risk with no real upside, prudent policy generally shun references.

If you're worried about what previous employers are saying about you to prospective employers...there are companies who will make calls like they are looking at hiring you. If any of these companies do the stupid thing...which can and will have a transcript of what they were told. Myself...after some of the scumbags I've worked for...would have been well worth the cost.

Comment Re:Apps (Score 4, Interesting) 292

Gradebooks, attendance, cafeteria manegement, email of course, Courseware, scheduling and calendaring, yearbooks. If it isn't being delivered from the cloud now it is because they are still fighting over which vendor they want to write a check to. (read as the bidding is still fierce over who will kick back more.. ok, I'm a cynic) That pattern means they need LOTS of bandwidth now and will need an ever growing amount going forward into an HD Video for everything future.

Having subbed in many local schools throughout the years and reading an article like this...BULLSH!T! You want to know what your tax dollars are being wasted on? Every class which had an assignment and needed computers...the kids weren't doing their work...they were playing games (web-based)...using You Tube...going to web sites and going to Facebook/other social media sites. Reminding these "little angels" they had work to do and that if they were in an actual job doing these things...they would be reprimanded or fired...I was informed their teacher doesn't care. I let the teacher/the principal/IT department know this was going on...I was the bad guy and told to mind my own business.

This is what your tax money for education is going for. What a great use of our public resources.

Comment Re:The studios send reel-to-reel films to the troo (Score 1) 650

I challenge the MPAA to file suit against him. He sent 300,000 DVDs which were probably watched by several times that many people, and it's all verifiable.

Bringing copyright infringement charges against a 92 year old man providing entertainment for troops in a war zone. If the *AA's think SOPA and such brought an outrage...wonder what they would think about a jury acquitting said 92 year old man helping out US troops. The news gets out and spreads against them...won't matter who owns the copyright or how they attempt to spin it. Not too hard to not buy junk music or stay away from cinemas. Even worse is when parents/grandparents refuse to take the teenagers out to the movies and older young adults quit patronizing as well...all because a 92 year old man sent movies to troops in a war zone.

Anyway...with the way the justice system moves...he could very well die before any judgement is rendered. As long as he dies penniless...0+0=0

Comment Re:One hand, 12 o'clock ... (Score 1) 756

I guy in Brazil got pulled over because he had one on the wheel and one around his hot Brazilian woman. The cop tells him "Sir, don't you think you should be using both hands?" The driver says "certainly, but who would drive the car?!"

So...I take it that turning on the cruise...driving with my knees and making sure her hair/head don't get caught in the wheel is wrong?

Comment Re:"I Heard Your Giant's Drink Game is Broken?" (Score 1) 1054

Having worked in the classroom before...I want to shake your hand for your observation about the current situation in education.

Even taught kindergarten several years ago so the teacher could go on her honeymoon. Was told by the parent of one boy who was on his second year of this class...he doesn't know how to wipe his arse when he goes to the you will have to do it for him. When I picked my jaw up from the ground...I told her I was his teacher for the week...not his hygiene coach. As she stammered...also commented that his bathroom training should have been completed several years before he got to school. The mother was not happy...but I never had to wipe his arse and was not going to do so.

Comment Re:Our repressed media is bad enough (Score 1) 122

Having lived in Arizona before I moved to Idaho...every time I hear about stuff like this from Arizona/Oklahoma/Mississippi I almost give myself a concussion when slapping my forehead. The only difference seems to be Arizona seems to using a warp powered star ship aimed toward the ground at warp 100 on their way to hit the bottom of the pile the fastest.

If these "legislators" enact this BS...they are also public employees. When they are forced to live their lives by the same shackles as they are putting on the teachers/college educators in their personal/professional lives...this BS will not happen.

Comment Re:Thank you Apple (Score 1) 1303


People often ask me why I will not buy Apple products. It is precisely this kind of anti-americanism that their own execs are now publicly admitting. I'll never buy one of their products again.

It's this well as producing products which are built like Windows. They are released to a public before they are ready and you have to keep upgrading them to attempt to stay on the cusp of safety.

From what I read...what Apple is really wanting to say is they want slaves. The Chinese companies sound almost like what was in the American South before the War of Northern Aggression. Biggest difference...the employee can actually leave and gets a wage for working...but still sounds more like sugar-coated slavery than anything else. For that matter...why don't they move all their manufacturing plants to North Korea? Could use prison labor and have a captive workforce unable to better themselves.

Comment Re:Smart boxes not TVs (Score 1) 183

we have a Roku we use for Hulu and it never experiences the problem. If the TV lags bad I just pause the show on the smart tv and then go resume it on the Roku.

Thought about going the Roku/Media TV box as well...but with enough old PC's sitting around...loaded up XBMC Live to control the media on our media server as well as anything online I would want. As soon as they produce enough of expecting to get the $35 Raspberry Pi and running an XBMC ARM port to replace the PC in my room and the living room. Since it fits in an Altoids will be quieter than any PC...along with the space factor of not having a tower/desktop case with the noise in the both rooms.

Comment Re:... well that's one reason open source is super (Score 1) 582

I bought the OS. I bought the machine. I own that license. don't "own" the OS like you own a car or other type of property. What you paid for was an agreement that you could use/lease the software. Carefully read your EULA and it explains it very clearly.

If this is a have two choices:
1. Use Open Source such as Linux or BSD Unix.
2. Pirate a copy off the net and use it any way you see fit.

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