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Comment When will we be done with useless acronyms? (Score 2, Funny) 180

Here at the Nigerian Research Agency (NRA) we are also developing TPP:
Tele-Portation Protocol (TPP).

Your contributions will be refunded in full. Send us you cash or wire transfer and we will Teleport it back to you in only few days after we receive it; the time required to incorporate the space-time continuum into the protocol.

Also please inform the smart-ass Slashdot editor that placing an acronym (TPP) in the hope that the readers will click to find out is not much different than the cheap dim-witted Internet advertising methods.

Best Regards
Your friends from the "Nigerian Scammers Association" (NSA)

Comment Lobby to have some tickets issued (Score 1) 474

There are detailed laws for the sound level from cars. If you have the connections a cop can issue some tickets on that specific corner; otherwise, you can lobby for an automated system similar to speed cameras. It will bring lots of money to the municipality and improve the neighborhood. You will not be able to do anything about ambulances, police cars and firetrucks.

Comment Re: should be a story on abandoning Firefox (Score 0) 364

It became a hassle to have to deal with addon incompatibility that I removed it when they updated to version 8. Opera works much better on mobile platforms anyway. On my PC I stopped updating it for the addon issues too. I had to hack the addons every time specially Aardvark, and it is a hassle when you have it on several PCs including coworkers and friends. The story should be how many people are planning to leave or left Firefox for Chrome, Opera or other browsers due to the annoying version issue...

Comment Unfortunately Fundementalists are (Score 1) 105

still the driving force in that revolution. These apps will also be used by fundamentalists in that movement.

For the record I despise the Assad dictatorship ( who wouldn't unless you are the dictator :P ), and I wish the Syrian people a true democracy and not another dictatorship or another Iran-like Theocracy (a sunni one). Most of the people running the show in the Syrian revolution have fundamentalist and pro Al-Qaedah positions. This was seen in many sectarian and extremest speeches by Mosk Imams in Daraa and other cities and is also seen in some of the pro-revolution demonstrators. Even though the Arab media moronically tries to hide these facts and images (picture below shows Bin-Laden and Hamas founder), foreign governments have people on the ground and know these facts. Rarely seen image of a demonstration in Tripoli-Lebanon by the so called Future movement (Harriri group who are for some reason still supported by the US gov):
The PDF file(s) of the corresponding article (article in Arabic):

It is unfortunate that in-spite of all the wars (and civil wars) in that region no one accepts the principle of separation of religion and state except dictatorship regimes!

These are just few facts worth knowing.

Comment Re:Maybe not. (Score 1) 596

The performance of the mid range professional DSLR was a bit disappointing for me from the performace in low light to their AF system. One interesting new variable is MP/cm pixel density. DSLRs (~ 2 MP/cm), higher end point and shoot digital camera's (~ 20 MP/cm) and range-finder cameras (~ 2 MP/cm) have a lower density than the cheaper cameras.

The new Leica S2 is an interesting leap with a 37.5 megapixel CCD, a larger sensor (56% larger than 35mm full-frame).

With higher MP, you will need higher optics or switch to medium format cameras.

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