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Journal Journal: About Me

I'm a business student at Boston College with majors in Accounting and Finance. Hopefully, when I graduate in '04, there will be a cushy job waiting for me.

I really like gadgets and widgets, but consider myself a dork, rather than a nerd or dweeb. I can usually control my desktop, unless there is a hardware problem, which just drives me nuts. You should try installing a desktop into your car as a test of your electronics/soldering/patience. This is a project, started in High School, that will never been done. When I buy a new car, I'll just have to re-install a new one!

I host a 50 person LAN party in Maine with a few friends of mine as the core group. Sinusoidalintellectualism 2003 is in its 5th year. Visit, sign up, frag. It's all good.

The only kind of coding I do is HTML. My take is that to code well, you need to have a million million unique commands/programs memorized. These shorten the file size and speed up processing. (Recursive still scares me.) If you had them all memorized, your code for an OS would be like 100 lines, MAX. But since that's impossible, you get Windows. Go Linux!

  • What else...
  • I spend a half dozen hours a week in training for martial arts.
  • I wish I were sailing.
  • I also wish that more of the stupid people out there were culling themselves from the herd.
  • Carry a pocket knife.
  • Watch Highlander.
  • Think.
  • Play nice, otherwise...
  • And realize how much more legitimate my fellow republicans would be if we could just separate ourselves from the $#%&! religous people.

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