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Comment Re:Scala and Scala.js (Score 1) 417

Thanks for the info about Scala.js; I wasn't up-to-speed on that. I tried out Scala around the same time you started (i.e., 2011), and was impressed (Scala provided my introduction to functional programming concepts). Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to use Scala, much, and I lost track of what is going on with it. These days I'm working with a lot more JavaScript. I don't mind it (it's not bad if you use ES2015/Babel and avoid iffy parts of the language), but it can be pain on larger team projects with developers of mixed experience with JavaScript. Anyway, the Scala.js project sounds like it's something I'd like to check out.

Comment Didn't Like It At First (Score 1) 417

I didn't like functional programming at first, but after using it for a while I started seeing the benefits of things like first class functions and immutable state. Even if you don't think functional programming is a silver bullet, it's worth learning and understanding how the functional approach differs in solving programming problems. Adding another way to think about programming problems to your arsenal isn't a bad thing.

Comment Re:Google has too many redundant projects (Score 1) 99

Perhaps because Google isn't really interested in provided you with the best service possible: you aren't their customer. They're interested in offering you free services of all sorts in order to collect data about you. That's their real product that their interested in selling.

Comment D&D and Tech Don't Mix (Score 1) 76

I'm not a fan of mixing D&D and tech. I don't want to play virtually, and I don't want a bunch of phones and tablets and laptops at the gaming table. I want to get out my AD&D books (1e, of course), papers, pencils, and dice and sit around a table with my friends. No checking facebook or getting text messages or browsing the web. No distractions. Maybe some low-volume Sabbath or Yes on the turntable, but that's about it...

Comment Meh (Score 1) 65

I wear a Roamer mechanical watch (Swiss made, 1955, 17 jewel MST movement) and don't see the appeal of a watch with an operating system. Even if I were part of the target market for smart watches, I'd want tight integration with my cell phone and its apps, and I'd expect Apple or Google to be able to implement that better than a third-party OS. Guess we'll see, but I'm not expecting great things from this.

Comment Re:we know what vs is - did anything change? (Score 1) 195

VS is not my first choice when developing software (it's not terrible, but feels bloated and heavy), but I need to use it for some of my work development tasks (lots of Windows-focused .NET stuff). The things I'm most interested in, at the moment, are the improvements in support for ES2015, JSX, and node.js integration.

Comment Re:Long time Mac user will defect on next purchase (Score 2) 230

Yeah, I pretty much already jumped ship. Used Macs and iPhones for years, but my current phone is an Android (Cyanogenmod) and my current main computer is a custom-built desktop running Linux (Arch). I still have a Mac laptop, but as things stand, my next laptop purchase won't be another Mac.

Comment Varies by device (Score 1) 319

For my laptop (Mac OS X): update as soon as updates are available, unless it's a major update (i.e. a new OS version, not just a patch). If it's major, I'll usually wait a bit and see how it goes in the wild with early adopters, first. For my desktop (Arch Linux): Arch uses a rolling release model, so I do a daily check on what's available and then decide if I want to apply those updates immediately or wait. This depends on what is being updated. If it's the kernel or Xorg I might wait a bit. For minor stuff I usually go ahead and update right away. For my phone (Android): At the moment I'm running Cyanogenmod. I don't flash new nightlies very often; I tend to stick with one I find stable. I do like to keep fairly current, though. I apply app updates as soon as they're available. For my tablet (Android): It's a Nexus version and I never bothered rooting it or anything, I just get the updates as they come.

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