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Comment Really? (Score 1) 139

Unless the game's description contains the words "historically accurate" I don't give a rat's ass what liberties they take in regards to the story. Why would we set boundaries within which a story must be told? If you say that the dinosaurs were actually giant, time-traveling robot assassins sent by the Nazis back in time to kill the ancestors of our American forefathers, then I say where is the beta sign-up form for that game?

Comment Drupal or other CMS? (Score 2) 122

Slightly off topic, but is Drupal the best option for someone with little to no programming knowledge, such as myself? I'm just trying to set up your typical blog-style site with daily posts and the ability to let people comment on each item... nothing fancy. Currently I use Joomla. While I like much about it, I am still finding it difficult to manipulate the template's visuals to my liking. Also, it would be nice if the CMS came with integrated forums, eliminating the need for multiple user accounts. I've tried using a user-made "bridge" which I couldn't get working.

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