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Comment Guesswork? (Score 2) 177

I've been wondering lately if tech companies are just throwing technology at various populations to see what sticks. Is it cheaper to develop this crap and see if they stumble on something popular and trendy, or if they actually spend any time or effort researching and vetting ideas before developing them? Maybe I'm slowly going beige, but this idea just seems ludicrous to my dusty old brain.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 65

Streaming services such as Netflix provide ISPs what are essentially servers stuffed with drives that provide a local cache to their streaming content. This means you don't end up using bandwidth between the ISP and their Tier 1 provider for that type of content. While the CRTC are saying that should still count toward your data cap, it can also be considerably less expensive for the ISP.

Comment Re:No trackpoint (Score 4, Insightful) 163

I agree with this sentiment. Touchpads are the ultimate in dumbing down a HID to make it 'friendly' but ultimately less efficient. I refuse to use a consumer notebook these days, so I stick with my T-series ThinkPads with TrackPoint. I understand why some people like touchpads, but I find them irritating, slow, awkward, and inaccurate. Also, nothing like moving a mouse without taking your hands off the home keys.

Comment Re:It's not about the screen size, it's field of v (Score 1) 128

Bay area? I live in Ontario Canada, you insensitive clod. :)

And agreed - but a lot of people live in condos, apartments, and semi-detached homes where the extra bass won't always make you friends with your neighbours... my point was that not everyone lives in a single home, so sometimes the sound is more impressive, (if not better), in a theatre.

Comment Re:It's not about the screen size, it's field of v (Score 5, Interesting) 128

Spend enough money for your kitchen equipment and ingredients, and why eat out anymore? Even if you suck at cooking, there are plenty of options for eating a variety of cuisine of decent quality at home.

Here's why.... people get stir-crazy and want an experience... an event... a reason to get out. True, not all theatres are a pleasant experience, but we have a few in my town with huge leather reclining seats, wide isles, and other and massively overpriced VIP options. So sometimes an 'experience' means leaving the house and sharing it with random strangers.

Oh, and 'bout that bass, I'd probably be evicted from my apartment if I decided to get 'dat bass. So pushing my culinary comments aside, for a lot of people, a big ol' theatre is still a better experience than in-home viewing.

Comment Re:TLDR: UN says more whites = happiness? (Score 1) 382

Cite some sources. Also, are you talking about immigration, or are you talking about ethnic roots. You don't even discuss trends. Your "quick looking" isn't terribly helpful. Also useful to a discussion about "happiness" might be how ethnic identities are perceived or maintained. Does the society lean towards a mosaic or melting pot? And how relevant is that? Seems a little more complicated than "quick looking" allows for. If you don't have the time to add actual data to a conversation, (like me), why not ask some good questions instead?

Comment Re:Slightly off-topic: I want "WORM SSDs" for back (Score 1) 232

Another case, while we're at it.... datacenters.

This would be cool for archival or cold tier storage solutions, where the data is flagged as having some acceptable degree of permanency is moved onto these WORM devices. I can think of all sorts of applications - financial, backup, legal, content libraries with immutable data, (like old documents, manuals, videos, etc.).

You could focus more on read speeds and less on write issues, and while I'm no expert, I imagine there are plenty from an engineering point of view.

I bet YouTube and Netflix would go nuts over things like these...

Comment Re:And you still can't back it up (Score 1) 232

This won't be made primarily for _you_, its real value is _in_ the cloud. Lower overall power usage in a high-density environment, and in spite of what some might think, even a high cost drive will save money when you scale out, as long as its benefits can be felt on that scale, (lower wattage, better rack utilization with more TB per U, fewer individual points of failure per PB, lower overall cost per GB on the PB scale, (and probably on the TB scale as well)).

Comment Makes No Sense (Score 2) 232

Most of the comments so far seem to be about 16TB being a bit on the ridiculous side for PCs and even small servers, etc. What these are exciting for aren't RAID or traditional PC's but for high density storage for Big Data, which typically doesn't use RAID, and generally only looks at SSDs as a "hot tier" solution. 16TB spindles sound great to me, but I'd never stick one in my home PC.

Comment Re:Don't be fooled by the words "Scientific Americ (Score 2) 432

Psychiatric medicine seems to rely on a lot of trial and error, to see what works and what doesn't. The problem compounds as soon as multiple medications are used. Differences in physiology and the nature of the disorder, including factors such as incorrect or incomplete diagnosis seem to lead some unfortunates down the wrong paths, where the presumed illness is incorrectly treated. For example, some personality disorders, such as BPD, can't be effectively treated with medication at all, and must be tackled therapeutically instead, but are often misdiagnosed as something else, or, are sometimes only recognized as anxiety or depression, and while some SSRIs can help with that component, the bigger underlying diagnosis isn't recognized.

In short, treating mental illness can really only be done on an individual basis, and not every psychologist or psychiatrist is going to get it right, and more often than not, many mental illnesses are not treated correctly from day one. To some degree this is to be expected, but it also results in many people seeing nothing but confusion when looking at treatments which are in place. It takes time to get to know someone's mind, so it's no wonder that years can pass before even skilled doctors are able to make a positive impact on many mentally ill patients. It's also no wonder that many of these patients fall through the cracks in the mean-time. Not everyone can afford the kind of treatment required by some diereses, and the waiting game can be frustrating to even well adjusted people.

All I'm saying is that there are many problems which lead to GPs continuously prescribing a regimen of ineffectual drugs, without even thinking about issues such as poor education or practices, or the various evils, (imagined or otherwise), of pharmaceutical companies. To be clear, it's not the drugs that are the problem. The drugs actually do help in many cases. It's getting to that point where they do help that is the trick.

Comment Canadian Not Voting (Score 4, Interesting) 857

My mother was still a US citizen when I was born here in Canada, so I have a dual citizenship that I've never used for anything before. I don't think I'll start now.

I've always regarded US political affairs from within my igloo with interest levels ranging from moderate concern to complete disdain. I'm already acutely aware that Trump views Justin Trudeau as "Canada's Worst President Yet". He's not wrong - he's an awesome prime minister whom I voted for personally, but he's not what you United Statesians would call 'presidential'. This whole processes appears to be less about the issues and more about a popularity contest between two screw-ups, like some weird fringe reality television show.... Jerry Springer meets The Bachelor or something. And it all seems to hinge on "Who is the worst possible candidate?" - a question both sides seem to be asking about both candidates. What flavour of disaster do you want in the Oval Office? A racist compulsive liar with narcissistic personality disorder, or a smug two-faced politician who will indirectly provide Julian Assange with nuclear launch codes?

It's foolish to say US policy and political agendas don't influence Canada. Heck, even if someone puts up a wall on the northern US border, we're never even remotely shielded from the effects of decisions made in the States. But it's also not my home. I don't live there. I don't share many of their values or rights. So I've not really considered voting. I vote up here in all our elections and participate in our Canadian political processes.

So here's my question: Any other 'dual' US citizens in my position who feel this way, or maybe differently? What about US citizens who reside on US soil? Do you think people like me should throw in our two cents? (Canada doesn't have physical 'pennys' any more, but you know what I mean.) If I'm wrong to keep my nose out of it, set me straight.

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