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Comment Re:Box office turd polished - film at 11 (Score 1) 152

Except that doesn't seem to have been their motive. You are right, a lot of people don't care about "breakthrough" special effects, but they do tend to be dismissive about yet another film where talking animals prevent an audience's suspense of disbelief.

Have a quick read of this article for more: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04...

Comment Re:Basic (Score 1) 414

BASIC, as defined by it's own acronym, is a language for training and instruction. A way to cut one's teeth on programming, as it were, and to allow novices to produce code to accomplish simple tasks in a time share environment. I'd say that if programming had a "play-to-learn" curriculum, BASIC would be the "toy blocks" in the toy-chest. It's definitely one of the oldest toys in the toy-chest. Here's a sobering thought - the last stable version of GW-BASIC was introduced roughly 24 years after the language's inception - and it's only been 28 years since that release, (for those of us who remember playing with it).

I'm not saying it isn't a good beginner's language, and I'm also not suggesting people have never done any productive work with it. It's a "toy language" with a serious purpose, but that purpose wasn't intended to be serious software production.

Comment Re: Now... (Score 1) 412

Err... an energy source.

That corrected, I wonder how hard it would be for a civilization that advanced to manipulate existing structures into a Dyson sphere.... I.E., collecting "nearby" debris such as asteroids, moons, or even planets, and assembling them like LEGOs to build an infrastructure of some kind around a star in some sort of grid or lattice.

Comment Nothing wrong with that. (Score 1) 337

I sense Don Norman's influence here. I agree with Cook, and I'm not really much of an Apple fan. There's nothing wrong with avoiding the, (as I see it), trap of trying to be everything to everyone. This might be an old PARC mentality, but I think that purpose driven devices with shared intelligence and data sources is a really smart way to see the future of information tech. The real hurdle is getting everyone to agree on how those devices should communicate. My Motorola 360, for example, is woefully crippled at the hands of my company iPhone 6's rather mediocre level of integration. Yes, I know that in today's mindset, expecting integration between Android and iOS devices is ludicrous, but that's kind of my point - it shouldn't be. That said, there's not nearly as much to complain about when pairing Apple devices with other Apple devices, and I'd almost be a little disappointed to see that replaced with an iMacPadPhone, just as I've always had an uncontrollable eye-twitch when it comes to the MS Surface.

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