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Comment glitch in the Matrix pics or it isn't true (Score 1) 1042

I'm sure it's great way to get people on acid excited though.

Regardless, once you actually achieve a simulation with self-aware deep AIs running around whose existence relies on the existence of the simulation and the rules that govern it, there's nothing virtual about it, IMO. That's a new reality. And in the context of that reality we are the gods. No doubt we'll 'trip when we're able to do something like that.

Comment They all suck (Score 1) 532

But Apple has been sucking the most lately:

Lots of supporting links there. And I don't get the constant claims that Apple has better hardware. It's all the same junk everybody else uses with a premium price. Modern Apple equipment on the high end doesn't even field a competitive GPU for the price range they put it in. Why don't they have anything equivalent to yester-year's high end gaming card, the GTX 970, which is the minimum recommended for Oculus Rift development?

Both Linux and Windows have been stepping up their game lately. Steam's pushing the games on Linux and Linux is handling laptops better now than it ever has. Windows is finally learning to write competent OSes without annihilating performance with 20 years of legacy code dead weight they refuse to let go of and they've finally figured that pissing off web developer for over a decade wasn't doing them any favors in the long run. Apple's primary pro argument, on the other hand, is completely fictional at this point. The OS is de-evolving into an underperforming bug-ridden mess. Their browser is stagnant. Their mobile platform, which is a pain in the ass, can only be developed for on a Mac (how desperate is that?). They don't have the best phones. They don't have the best laptops. Their desktops are a joke for the price you pay for them. I still enjoy the iPad experience more than the Android tablet experience but neither are particularly useful to me since I acquired a Yoga 2 Pro all-in-one that Apple doesn't make, especially not in orange.

I hate to admit it as I always thought of him as an overrated asshole with exceptionally good PR but Apple clearly needed Steve Jobs to kick them in the ass because they are in a slow motion faceplant right now. What's their take on all-in-ones? How do they rate on the ultrabook comparisons? What's their entry into the VR and AR markets? Nada. Zip. Zilch. And their core software lines are in decline as they focus on firing blanks at the next big thing. Their bottom line is no longer tricking Apple fans into paying too much for high quality gear. It's convincing them mediocre gear made by the same Chinese prison-orphan-labor as everybody else's gear is high quality.

Comment Re:Good Data Bad Assumptions (Score 1) 532

Node bias (not counting the ship-jumping Rails devs who are largely - not all - Kool Aid line-snorting tools - easy to spot - look for CoffeeScript) tends to skew Linux, often to a somewhat exclusive degree that embarrasses those of who had to write code that worked the same regardless of 5-20 different browser interpretations of it back when that meant more than some of them not having the latest features.

And I wouldn't knock Node. I came up in client-side web development, became more of a generalist through server-side code and now the only major production languages I don't have any professional exposure to are C and C++ (but this is next - I find JS high-level, c/c++ low-level an intriguing combo). My point being, I've been lots of places in development and tried many things. And I can tell you from that experience that anybody capable of writing anything non-trivial in JavaScript could teach a median-level Java or .NET dev an awful lot about writing manageable code from some of the messes I've ended up having to deal with on the server-side (on the Java back ends - it's universally been a !@#$ing disaster).

A lot of people would say that's because JavaScript sucks. I'd say it's because getting burned faster when you code like a jackass in a more dynamic language teaches stuff that's good to know about writing code in any language that you don't learn with the IDEs and the static types at compile time telling you to do it not better, just differently enough to satisfy them as you code your way to an ultimately unmaintainable brittle mess with fewer whack-a-mole bugs along the way to let you know you know something needs to get ripped out and redone before it turns into app cancer. Until you have to add a new feature or change something 5 years later of course. Then you're fucked.

Comment Re:Trump can't be defined (Score 1) 707

The Republican political establishment doesn't really care about any ideas other than whatever it is that gets them votes.Naturally they prefer something to hitch their wagon to semi-consistently whenever it's convenient. Democrats aren't that much different. Trump is running on a platform of xenophobia. The ideas that he does actually express consistently are not at all hard to categorize or define. They are 1938.

Comment Re:J. J. Abrahms needs to stop making movies (Score 1) 504

Abrahms has a penchant for time travel? How many Star Trek movies, entire series and specific episodes hinge on time travel? Only transporter/replicator/holodeck accidents post ToS come nearly as close to being an overused plot device. Star Trek in general has a time travel problem. I've been around since '75. Plenty of sci-fi and Trek under my belt. And don't get me wrong. I love Dr. Who. But if you're going to use time travel that often, it needs to be about time travel and not an inability to find writers who can't bring a plot to resolution without emitting super-particles at the problem or making the conflict about time travel.

And don't forget. Much of the original cast was 90210 back in the day. How much trouble does Kirk get in over women? How often is there a perfectly sensible solution to a problem that he turns around and tackles less efficiently with pure bravado? How often does a major conflict start with a crew member getting seduced? It was a pretty steamy show for the time.

Comment Re:J. J. Abrahms needs to stop making movies (Score 1) 504

I've only run into Abrahms Star Trek haters on SlashDot. You guys are like ultra-nerds. Normally I would mean that as a compliment. Those were damned good movies in spite of kicking things off with time travel (a Trek kludge new writers seriously need to consider avoiding). In spite of this, they were fun to watch and I fail to see how they were such a horrendous departure from the spirit of the original movies. He even managed to update the styles of the series while maintaining a connection to the original look. Kirk's still Kirk. Spock's a slightly less emotionally neutered version out of the gate but still provides the grounding influence Kirk needs. Bones is amazing and his first appearance almost had me pissing myself laughing. Scottie's great. And they still don't know what to do with the Asian character other than give him an occasional fight scene by way of apology. What's changed, really?

I mean cripes, he even went so far as to branch off his own parallel universe where so we can imagine the unaltered events of the original series still play out somewhere.

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