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Comment Re:Why isn't slashdot blacking out? (Score 1) 273

I went to wikipedia today and was disappointed when I saw that I could still access the page. I asked a few colleagues and they all got the SOPA page. It took me a while to notice that I had wikipedia blocked by no-script.

They still don't know how I have access to wikipedia... at least wikipedia left itself up for the geeks.

Comment Re:OT NRA (Score 1) 1066

That's funny, I've shot THOUSANDS of rounds out of my guns, never once have they been pointed at another living thing, nor do I plan on EVER pointing them at another living things. I'm shooting real bullets out of these guns, not rubber pellets. If you honestly think that there is no other purpose of having a gun than for killing, you are sadly mistaken.

From your own words, be a man, and stop letting the anti-gun people influence you. Look at countries that have outlawed personal guns, they've got higher overall crime rates, hmm.... interesting.

Comment Re:OT NRA (Score 1) 1066

But I take only a very small percentage of firearms circulating the USA will ever be used for killing deer.

That's funny, I never knew that deer were the only animals that were hunted.

On that point, far fewer guns will ever be pointed at another human, let alone fired at that person, and even less so hitting that person, with an even smaller number of those killing another human. (Yay for never-ending sentences)

So to your point, guns can only be used to kill, be it deer, or humans (from reading your post, that's the only other way a firearm can be used) and no other reason.

The law was written in a different era, you are correct on that bit, however it is one reason we are who we are, and will continue to be that way. We've got guns, for sport, for hunting, and for defense.

Comment Re:not-so-good? (Score 2, Insightful) 646

That is funny, you're basically saying that I haven't read the Bible. The funny thing is, 90% of the people who "believe in evolution" (/.ers are included in this) have never actually read anything about the arguments against or for evolution, aside from what they were told in their 6th grade science class. (I'm not saying that is how slashdot is, because I'll get 20 people trying to say they are someone special, and are a professional blah blah blah.)
I've never seen a place that is more egotistical than slashdot. The sad thing is, I could actually give good reasoning behind what I accept or believe, but It wouldn't matter. This is slashdot and there is no way anyone on slashdot could be wrong, unless they think that science isn't perfect, or they like Microsoft. Those are two things that are always wrong, because right now, as humans, because of science, we OBVIOUSLY know EVERYTHING that is possibly known. Right? I mean, Every time someone says something that isn't pro what we know now "science" they get modded down and someone trolling them gets modded 5 for insightful.

Now I'll have 4 people reply to me saying my math is wrong, 2 telling me I misspelled something, and another 6 telling me I've done something grammatically incorrect.

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