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Comment The cloudy facts. (Score 1) 348

Cloud computing is useless for the average user. Who in their right mind would wants to store everything important to them on an advanced cluster for a monthly fee? They should pay me for all my data, as much as they want to hold on to it. Cloud computing == 0% privacy rate Cloud computing is only useful for private industry, maybe the government, and nothing else.

Comment Re:We are doing it for the artists (Score 1) 150

It's a trick, big labels don't even sign small artists any more. At the very most they have a sub-sub-label sign them (usually run by an artist that made their name on a small label and then signed a lucrative contract with the big label to run a label themselves). The reason is that the big labels no longer have the power to turn a small artist into a big artist on their own, so they don't bother signing the small artists, they just wait until someone hits a certain threshold of popularity, then sign them to the ridiculous contract that ends up with the medium-sized artist spending money to produce albums that make money for the label, which the artists hope to get back on touring and merchandise (if they even realize how much money they're losing making albums).

Comment what is magnetism, conceptually? (Score -1, Troll) 256

a magnetic field begins at a particle/ bar magnet/ planetary core, loops around, and ends at the other end of the same particle/ bar magnet/ planetary core

does the magnetic field begin somewhere, issue forth without anchor?

what is such a thing? its not magnetism. its simply not the same thing conceptually. and its also impossible

make believe our planet had a monopole at its core. it would interact with the sun's magnetic field lines, and start moving along those lines, looking for equilibrium. but it wouldn't find it, because unlike a normal magnet, its a monopole

so our planet would loop around, move through the core of the sun, and whatever aspect of our planet that was still in existence as a monopole would still continue along those field lines, never stopping movement, just looping forever along a field line

thats a perpetual motion machine. thats a monopole. thats impossible

The Internet

Submission + - How 136 people became "7m illegal file-sharers ( 5

Barence writes: "The British Government's official figures on the level of illegal file sharing in the UK come from questionable research commissioned by the music industry. The Radio 4 show More or Less examined the Government's claim that 7m people in Britain are engaged in illegal file sharing. The 7m figure actually came from a report written about music industry losses for Forrester subsidiary Jupiter Research — that report was privately commissioned by none other than the music trade body, the BPI. The 7m figure had been rounded up from an actual figure of 6.7m, gleaned from a 2008 survey of 1,176 net-connected households, 11.6% of which admitted to having used file-sharing software — in other words, only 136 people. That 11.6% was adjusted upwards to 16.3% "to reflect the assumption that fewer people admit to file sharing than actually do it." The 6.7m figure was then calculated based on an estimated number of internet users that disagreed with the Government's own estimate. The wholly unsubstantiated 7m figure was then released as an official statistic."

Submission + - Kepler believed to be able to discover exomoons! (

Lord Northern writes: "According to several news sources, Kepler mission is said to be able to detect habitable moons orbiting planets on other solar systems.
Kepler is a NASA space telescope designed to detect exoplanets. It'll be on its mission orbiting the sun for 3.5 years at the end of which we'll be able to tell which of our neighboring stars actually have planetary systems around them.
However, apparently we will be able to detect not only exoplanets, but also exomoons orbiting those exoplanets. The Kepler team came to that conclusion after running a computer simulation, which found that the telescope was sensitive enough to detect gravitational pull of an orbiting moon which means that the data expected by the end of the mission is going to be very rich as it is said that moons as small as 0.2 times the mass of earth could be detected."


Submission + - How a Team of Geeks Cracked the Spy Trade (

drunken_boxer777 writes: The Wall Street Journal has a fairly lengthy and interesting article on a small tech company that is making the CIA, Pentagon, and FBI take notice:

One of the latest entrants into the government spy-services marketplace, Palantir Technologies has designed what many intelligence analysts say is the most effective tool to date to investigate terrorist networks. The software's main advance is a user-friendly search tool that can scan multiple data sources at once, something previous search tools couldn't do. That means an analyst who is following a tip about a planned terror attack, for example, can more quickly and easily unearth connections among suspects, money transfers, phone calls and previous attacks around the globe.

And yes, their company name is a reference to what you think it is.

Internet Explorer

Submission + - Facebook acquires FriendFeed (

carpenter37 writes: "Facebook has acquired FriendFeed, we've learned. We're gathering details now. At this point details on the acquisition are still very sparse, but it's clearly a good match. Over the last year or so, Facebook has "borrowed" quite a few of features that FriendFeed popularized, including the 'Like' feature and an emphasis on real-time news updates."

Submission + - Perseid meteor shower predicting a dazzling show

PheniciaBarimen writes: National Geographic has posted today infomation on viewing the Perseid Meteor Shower occuring in the wee hours between Wednesday and Thursday. The Perseid meteor shower will have to fight it out with a bright moon for visibility this year, but astronomers are still predicting a dazzling show.

Submission + - SPAM: Humans lose $21 billion to computer traders

destinyland writes: ""We are just mice dancing" between the supercomputers of Wall Street giants, complains one trading executive, and an investment manager notes computers are making 73% of all stock trades on U.S. exchanges. One former NYSE chairman admitted "This is where all the money is getting made." (Between April and June, Goldman Sachs earned $100 million in one day — on 46 different days.) High-speed algorithms use 30-millisecond trades to probe market conditions, and can buy and sell with a nearly omniscient knowledge of every other investor's price point. The New York Times notes that already these algorithms "execute millions of orders a second and scan dozens of public and private marketplaces simultaneously...""
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Submission + - SPAM: Is Genius I.Q. Linked to Psychosis? 2

destinyland writes: "New research suggests a genetic mutation linked to psychosis (and schizophrenia) could also be related to genius IQs. This supports the pscyhological theory that genius "blends intelligence with just the right amount of psychoticism" (which creates unconventional thinking). Evolution may even have favored schizophrenia and bipolar syndrome because the same gene also boosts creativity. But one geneticist still believes exactly the opposite. "Madness is often madness — and doesn't have as much genetic association with intelligence.""
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Comment Re:Depressing, but not uncommon (Score 1) 1251

And people wonder why the US is loosing so many people who can think logically, and make informed choices. When the culture is against the logical thinking people, and you have the chance to be able to move most people jump at it. Its better to be able to look back and go thank God I'm not there anymore, than to sit and watch your neighbors and country fall into social patterns seen more often in 1984, Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451.

Comment Re:I have to say it (Score 1) 142

Why look to Orwell and Rand - if they want something for keeping tabs on things in the legal market. Disney; who keeps managing to hold on to the copyright for their products multiple years after the original copyright should have left it in the hands of public domain.

I think the only thing that is safe to exist in Public Domain is patents atm, but if we let intellectual property slip how long till patents hold the same weight as copyright?

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