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Comment Re:Someone doesn't like second hand market? (Score 1) 461

Also, if I rent the game from GameFly, am I going to be able to play the game online? I expect lawsuits from NetFlix, GameFly, and many other entities in short order. I committed to never buying another Sony product as long as I live many years ago when they fraudulently charged my credit card for a subscription fee, then refused to refund it. This is just icing on the cake.

Cats "Exploit" Humans By Purring 503

An anonymous reader notes a BBC report on research recently published in the journal Current Biology, indicating that cats manipulate humans by adding a baby-like cry to their purring. "Cat owners may have suspected as much, but it seems our feline friends have found a way to manipulate us humans. Researchers at the University of Sussex have discovered that cats use a 'soliciting purr' to overpower their owners and garner attention and food. Unlike regular purring, this sound incorporates a 'cry,' with a similar frequency to a human baby's. The team said cats have 'tapped into' a human bias — producing a sound that humans find very difficult to ignore."

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 925

It's true that this is a voluntary plan... They're just going to make the premiums artificially low so that private firms cannot compete and go under. Nobody is forcing you to buy an iPod... But if you want one, you're going to have to buy it from Apple.

Comment Re:Huh. (Score 1) 1297


As a U.S. Marine myself, I can't explain how proud I am of the restraint exercised by these brave men. Saddam was a coward - nothing more than a stuffed shirt. To have his dignity obliterated in this way, without doing him such bodily harm as to shorten his exposure, is too satisfying for words to describe...

Personally, I would have found the families of the men, women, and children that he murdered in cold blood, and allowed them a few minutes alone with him. There are people in this world who deserve torture, and Saddam Hussein is a prime example.
Hardware Hacking

Stop-Motion Modbook Upgrade Video 14

Brian Northway writes "This funny, stop-motion, photo-animated video shows the process of converting an Apple MacBook to an Axiotron Modbook tablet, in one minute and fifty-nine seconds — viewable in standard quality or high-definition (720p), for exceptional detail. It's the latest installment a series of light-speed technical videos that I've created, wihich include the explorational disassembly of a PSP-3000, a unibody MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, an iPhone, and many other Apple devices."
United States

Barack Obama Wins US Presidency 3709

Last night, around 11pm, all the major networks announced that Senator Barack Obama had won the election. Soon after, Senator McCain conceded. There were no crazy partisan court hearings, just a simple election. This is your chance to talk about it and what it means for the future of our nation.

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